SatNav Oddities

Has anyone else had a problem with ‘Navigation’. I’ve been doing a lot more driving around recently, and every time I’ve used the SatNav at some point in the journey the phone starts to do weird things that I’ve never seen before. The first time I was on a motorway (but creeping forward in traffic) and the phone started to go into ‘Welcome to Fairphone’ mode, then started randomly opening apps. Only resetting the phone seemed to give any opportunity to reconnect, and the GPS still struggled to get going. This is quite a dangerous problem as I’m lost without the SatNav, and trying to reset the phone whilst driving along. This has happened in several different ways - always leaving me sweating with stress… Had Samsung S3 before and never had anything like this…

You can improve your GPS.
Go to ‘System settings’ (the button far left below on your Fairphone).
Tap on 'Location access’
Make sure that ‘GPS satellites’ are 'on’
Tap on the word 'GPS satellites’
Make sure that the box after ‘GPS EPO assistance’ is ticked on
Tap on ‘EPO settings’ and leave the box after ‘Auto download’ empty.
Make sure that the box after ‘A-GPS’ is ticked on
Tap on ‘A-GPS settings’ and only tick the box after ‘Network Request’ to on.
Reboot your Fairphone.
Now download F-Droid , here you can get apps which are Free and Open Source Software.
Then download FP1-EPO-Autoupdate
After the download run the FP1-EPO-Autoupdate, give it permanent Root access.

Thanks. Not sure I understand the last of that re rooting, but I’ll have a go later with the rest… I’m not sure it’s about GPS connectivity (although that may be part of it), but about the fact that the phone starts randomly rebooting at inconvenient times… not that I’ve noticed it doing this the rest of the time?

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