Sat 30 Dec 2023 | 14:00 h | Fairphone Community Meetup at 37c3

As I did not find any other initiative for doing this in the obvious places:
Who’s at the 37c3 in Hamburg right now and would be interested in some sort of meeting? I certainly already saw a few FPs around and I guess there should be a certain overlap.
I’m still available until day 3 included.

Tagging @Discostu36 who I already spotted in another chat…


I am open for a meetup, do you want to suggest a time and place?


I suggest we meet after the related lightning talk “Smartphones freedom status in 2023” (Smartphones freedom status in 2023 :: 37C3: Lightning Talks :: pretalx) at 17:00 in Hall G.
I’ll wait somewhere to the right of the zeroday Bar after the talk.
I’ll be wearing a (Fairphone) blue 37c3 zipper that still seems to be sufficiently rare to hopefully be identifiable. Also, I might hold a FP4 with the official red case in my hands.

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I think the talk has been rescheduled. The Official(?) Fahrplan has it for Saturday.

Yes, I saw this as well and I’m not sure what that means in practice as the lightning talk still seems to be announced anyway. Maybe it’ll just be a preview of the longer talk. We could still meet around 17:05 in front of that hall either way.

Ah, I didn’t get this at all, that this is a Lightning Talk. Yes, let’s do that.

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Ok, that was a really small meeting! :slight_smile:

I guess we should organize something a little earlier next year. Possibly with an own space/table or so.
Would anyone else be interested in that?

Hello there,

unrelated to this post I decided on registering a Fairphone Meetup at Day 4 14:00 at Stage H. Maybe you want to join there :slight_smile:


Marking @AndreasChris who seems to be around there, too. (I am not)

Thanks for the hint! I won’t be around for that any more, unfortunately. But have fun anyway!

Yep, I’m around. When I’m not in a talk (which I currently am) you can call me via DECT 4120.

I will happily join the meetup tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Besides my private FP4 and my iFixit Kit I also brought the Community FP5 and the Fairbuds XL to Hamburg just in case - so those devices will be there tomorrow as well in case someone wants to play around with them. :slight_smile:


Feel free to tag other angels if you know of any that are around :slight_smile:

Wanna meet up some time this afternoon then? The FP5 resides at my hotel room atm, but meeting people from the FP community in person is always nice. :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of anyone specific atm.

Stage H is where all the displays are alligbed in one big curve, right?

Edit: Apparently it is. There are surprisingly many people. :open_mouth:

Edit 2: I did a quick count and it appears there are around 110 People here for the FP meetup. Also the ghost touch issue has come up several times.

Edit 3:

Es hat mich sehr gefreut, dass heute so viele Leute zur doch recht spontanen Fairphone Session aufgetaucht sind. Vielen Dank fürs Organisieren @t_aus_m! :slight_smile:

Vielleicht folgt ja der ein oder andere dem Hinweis von vorhin, findet sich hier im Forum wieder und joined oder organisiert selbst mal ein Meetup in der eigenen Heimatstadt.

Ich hätte echt gerne noch mit viel mehr von euch gesprochen und über verschiedene Custom ROMs auf Fairphones, das Ghost Touch Problem, und anderes diskutiert, aber das herzeigen, zerlegen und reassemblem des FP5 war dann doch gut zeitfüllend.

Für diejenigen unter euch, denen ich vorher die Seite mit dem CustomROM Vergleich gezeigt hatte, hier nochmal der Link for reference:


Thanks everyone for attending! I’m glad that the idea of hosting a session came up, apparently the demand was quite high.
Also it was nice to meet you @AndreasChris and thanks for bringing the FP5 as well as the Fairbuds XL


I’m impressed! Too bad that I couldn’t make it myself. But thanks for hosting it nevertheless!

At least I got to meet @Discostu36 and @AndreasChris personally for the first time. :slight_smile:


Another idea that just came to my mind: Next Year we should do an Angel Meetup as well, even though that will probably be a smaller crowd :wink: