Samsung’s recent Galaxy devices will now get at least four years of Android security updates

I found this:

Samsung has announced that it’ll be extending the amount of time that its Galaxy smartphones and tablets will be getting security updates. Now, devices released from 2019 and onward will receove at least four years of security updates.

Previously, Samsung offered either monthly or quarterly security updates for at least the first two years of a device’s life span, the frequency of which is determined by the device itself. More premium phones like the Galaxy Note or Galaxy S lines get monthly updates, while budget-friendly models like 2020’s Galaxy A71 5G get quarterly updates. Samsung also drops some of its higher-end devices down to quarterly updates after a certain point in time, like the Galaxy S8 lineup.

It’s important to note that Samsung is only promising four years of “regular security updates,” which is actually Samsung’s lowest tier of update frequency, reserved for devices that it still supports but without the promise of a monthly or quarterly cadence. Still, the new announcement does mean that Samsung is working to extend the usable life span of dozens of its devices, including some of its cheaper entry-level phones that might not ordinarily see that kind of long-term support.

To put that commitment in perspective, Google itself only promises “at least three years” of security updates for its Pixel phones. And there are far fewer models of Pixel hardware to support than the 40-plus phones and tablets for which Samsung is promising security updates.

Link to the article, in The Verge | Link to the press release on Samsung’s website.

I think that the thing here is that not all models will be covered with this, but, anyway, It’s a good new for longevity in smartphones. And, somehow, it’s good that media “sends the message” that security updates are also important, not just the final price of the smartphone. What do you think? :thinking:


My initial thought was “what’s the catch?”. Surely Samsung is a cold heartless machine and cares not for the environment, “let the government take care of the “trash problem””. Maybe… security threat is greatly exaggerated? And is another media stunt?

Security updates are incredibly important. Aren’t we about three months behind now?

With which device, the FP2 or FP3?

The FP2’s Android 9 beta has a very recent patch level and the next update for the FP3 was announced for March.


The Security update on the FP3 is from 5. December

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OK, so we were four months behind, but now as of today we have the 5 February update, so that’s better.

Three. And now we are one month behind, but arguably the March update is not yet out.

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