"Samsung Galaxy Ace" charging cabel safe for FP2?

Hi there,
I have a little question. Will my charging cable for connecting with my PC from my old mobile phone “Samsung Galaxy Ace” safely work with FP2?
I only found on my old battery 3,7 V and didn’t find any information about Ampere.

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It sounds as if you’re describing a regular USB cable. In this case voltage and amperage is not determined by the cable, but by the computer and/or the phone itself. (If you plug it directly into a wall socket, then it obviously isn’t a simple cable, in which case there should be specs on the part that goes into the wall socket). Just make sure the plugs on the USB cable are the right type to avoid damaging the socket on the phone - though don’t worry too much as the the wrong size plug shouldn’t fit unless you apply a lot of force.


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