Sales Fairphone 1 and Fairphone 2

Hi. I would like to present a three-year university thesis on the Fairphone but I can not find the exact information on the sales of FP1 and FP2. Can you help me? Thank you.

I guess the research team can help you:

Be sure to share any numbers with us if you get them. I’m curious as well. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much. I tried to write and their answer was this: Thanks for reaching out to Fairphone. We will publish our annual impact report soon next month. The actual sales number will be included in the report. Hope this helps!


There was a vague break down into 60000 FP1 and 75000 FP2 back in February, and the combined total of 135000 is currently still used by Fairphone here and there.


Thank you very much.

Wow, that’s tough luck for you.
Understandably they will not share any information, that they are going to publish soon, most likely launched to the press so that it’s effective for publicity.

Thanks nevertheless for the information, that they will be presenting the report :smiley: and for your optimism, that this forum might have the information FP is not willing to share. :wink:

Btw. as far as I know, there was another batch of Fairphones sold earlier this year, so there most likely will be even more phones sold than the numbers given by @urs_lesse. And it’s available from resellers at the moment.

I really hope this information will be released as soon as possible. Thanks for your informations.

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