SailfishOS for Fairphone - Come together make it happen - now!

Did you already scroll up a bit to post No. 8?

Yes, but that was a year ago and before the xperia image. I was wondering if the xperia experience could be benefit for Fairphone. We could have some numbers from Jolla, Fairphone would know exactly what the costs are and what to expect.

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Alien Dalvik is a Software, which Jolla has licenced from another company, Myriad.
Myriad has not updated Aliendalvik to any higher Android Version than 4.4.4

Well, of course it would be fine, to have a newer version, but i think, People who need bleeding-edge Android-app-support are better with an Android phone.

In Sailfish Alien Dalvik is a nice-to-have feature, but more native Sailfish-OS-Apps would be much better, than Alien Dalvik.


Mike, please. Is it so important, on which Operating System you will flash your Xperia ?
If Sony say: Windows Flasher Emma is our requirment - there is nothing Jolla can do.
And about SailfishOS on FP2. I waited for 13 Month and i gave up. Official Sailfish Support we will see only from Jolla. I didn’t trust Fairphone anymore, that they will bring it one day…

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Thanks for the information. I am a bit critical because the Sailfish Software is marketed to have Android support. Of course, it does not say “recent Android Runtime”, but i kind of expected that. If i would own a Jolla device, I would prefer native apps, too, of course


Wasn’t this info from you in first place?

So there is still some hope …

Ofcourse it is important. I dont have windows and will never install or use it! Going to a neighbor with windows to flash my phone seriously no way!

Also I am not blaming Jolla for the debacle with XPeria but fact stands Jolla/Fairphone should have co-operate 2016 and make sure we can get official SFOS on FP2, That would probadly benefit Jolla and Fairphone. But they did not listen to us!

No back to topic.

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Don’t you just need the Sony Windows tool once to unlock the bootloader?

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I wasn’t aware of that limitation, indeed it limits the advantages of AlienDalvik…

Opensource alternatives to AlienDalvik like sfdroid or Anbox seem based on more recent versions, from what I found:

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Yes Mike, thats true. FP2 is amazing Idea. But a bad realisation. (Like usual). The Phone is expensive comparing to “normal” 08/15 Smartphones, but the Hardware has a bad quality. My Display was exchanged 2 Times because of Bright Spots Problem and after i got the second display replaced i got this bright spots 1 Week after …
I think this is no go for 530,- EUR Smartphone. No Matter how fair its produced. Fair produced is good - but it is not fair to the customer, when the Hardware should many times be sent round Europe.
Missing Jolla Cooperation was also a big Show-stopper for me. I loved my FP2, but without official SailfishOS and with such Hardware Problems i see no future between me and FP2.
Sony Xperia X is in this case, much, much better…

About Windows: Sony EMMA is needed just to check if your Xperia X has the latest Android Firmware installed, because of the binary blobs and the latest Baseband.
After that, the SailfishOS will be flashed with the fastboot script. You can do it from Linux, MacOS, Windows - whatever you want.

I think - Installing Virtual Box on Linux with Windows 7 just for Flashing is done fast. Afterwards you can simply delete and forget Windows…

No. Unlocking is done with fastboot. You can use every OS.

Emma is needed to check if there are latest binary blobs and latest Baseband. If yes - anything fine, if not - Emma will flash it.

SailfishOS Installation is a fasboot script

Yes. Thats, what Sami said to me in Budapest. But he said also: When 2 parters want to do something together, both need to put some money on the table.
And this is a problem. I doubt Fairphone will invest in official SailfishOS Support.
They FP2 is selling very good. They have more purchases, than they can produce.
So why they should pay for official SailfishOS? Just to make us (SailfishOS Community) happy?


They should try. Because so far SFOS people are still speculating for the Xperia X. I think lots of of them would long have bought the FP if official support would have been guaranteed. Now other options become available because other companies don’t hesitate…

Time and again all those requests and demands towards Fairphone seem to not take into account, how large a company Fairphone is.
For a company like Sony it’s just peanuts and a test to cooperate with Jolla. If it’s no profitable so what, if they sell some more phones all the better. Fairphone on the other hand has to try and keep up with the actual demand for the Android version and to support FP Open at the same time.

All who are complaining, that they would like to buy a FP if only …
Please be honest to yourselves.

Fair primarily means fair to you. The rest of the world comes second.

That’s ok by me, but it’s your decision or prioritizing, don’t blame FP for not providing what you want.

Same goes for the hardware failures. The smaller the company, the less power to negotiate lower prices and tougher quality control with the suppliers. So the hardware fails at the customer instead of at the factory (not that I would know the failure rate of e.g. displays in general of for FP specifically).


For me, its not clear if Sony even financially supported the Sailfish X project at all. All public communication I found only mention the Sony Open Devices project as really helpful - similar to ?

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Thx for that hint.
So it’s maybe (just guessing on my site) even a decision by Jolla to “go Sony”, as they expect a greater market share that way.
Well, they want to stay in business as well.


Yes, I can understand that. The Xperia X available in large numbers from stock and -that’s equally important - in many more markets.

It makes sense for them to request a payment from Fairphone regarding the FP2, because it’s probably more risky. I guess it would be required for both Fairphone to pay a fixed fee upfront and for users a fee per device, similar to the Xperia X.

I can imagine the companys are sympathetic to each other, but both need to make money, too, as you said.


I asked Fairphone support about any possible collaboration with Jolla to make SailfishOS official similar to Xperia X, here is the answer:

Oct 25, 16:18 CEST
Dear Olivier,

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

At this moment there is no information about SailfishOS.
Please check our website and forums, if we have news, we will post it over there.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Be well and stay Fair!


I still hope Jolla will release it even without a Fairphone cooperation - there is a working community port and they’ll only have to sell the propriety stuff as a license - just like for the Xperia X …


I really hope there will be a official port of sailfishos for fairphone2.