SailfishOS for Fairphone - Come together make it happen - now!

Dear Fairphone-Team,

i follow your great campaign now for a while. And I’m excited what you reached. Within the new Module you busted my expectations for the further development.
My Girlfriend uses a Fairphone for a while and she is pretty happy with it. My phone is almost dead now and I’m looking forward to buy a new one. But I’m completely done with Android. I don’t like the system any more. Wouldn’t buy it again. My biggest problem with it is the duration of support for “old” hardware (I just say Fairphone 1 :wink: ). Even with throwing money on it this problem wont solve. The phones will be unusable very fast because the Android-Support for the hardware will end. This even for the now “state of the art” Fairphone is a true problem. So my prediction for android on the Fairphone 2 is very bad. It will not be supported any more for a long time. So I’m not going to buy the phone because of that, but I love the Idea behind.

There now is a “Community build” of SailfishOS. But its not a Official version. There is ONE guy in the Community, a great guy, who did it and cares about updates and bug-fix. Big thanks to him! Now the Work is nearly done. It runs smooth. And Jolla is starting a license Program for Sailfish for other Devices (first for Sony Xperia). But those are not “Fair” and designed for long lifespan. Now I need to decide to get a mobile wit a) software I trust or b) hardware I trust. But I want both! Work is done, everything would be Ready.


I would buy both. Software and Hardware - Independent in 2 Shops. I would do that to get the best for my freedom to chose. I would pay extra for an OS. But now pluck up courage and get together to make the best out of this perfect situation! Time was never better!

And now community:
Why do you want to have SailfishOS on the Fairphone? Tell me your Story :wink:

Best regards


They do sometimes read along on the forum, but contacting them directly is the only way to make sure they do read anything posted here. Before you ask: the moderators are also not Fairphone employees.

Also: in case you missed it:

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@Johannes Thanks for the clarification.

I guess most people here are aware of the fact that the FP team has not reacted positively on the wish of many people to support SFOS. Therefore it might indeed be the best idea to raise awareness in the forums, since more people will be needed to bring this topic back in discussion. For quite some people it has been a dealbreaker, that the FP2 does only provide android officially. Since the community ports are already there, not only for SFOS, we have to gain more support from the community to have a potent argument for FP to invest resources here.


I’m using a Jolla1 as my daily driver and just bought a Xperia X and a Fairphone 2 to see wich will become it’s successor.
I really like the idea behind the Fairphone concept and would prefer it over the Sony but I need a reliable system so I need to test both for some days first … - for the Sony the software is missing now and the Fairphone is just on its way :wink: so it’s undecided wich way I will go…
Would be great to have an official supported Sailfish on the Fairphone with EAS and Dalvik - so definitely +1

I tried them all (the alternatives) WebOS (which I really miss), FFOS, UT/UBPorts … and none has been as mature as Sailfish … would be great to have a European phone with a European OS

If you’re going to make a petition - count me in


Visit The very first headline you can see:

We’ve created the world’s first ethical, modular smartphone.[/quote]

Software can also be seen as one module of the Fairphone. Therefore this modul should be interchangeable as well (officially!).

I can’t understand where the problem is?

There is a fully functionable port available for Fairphone 2 (huge thanks to Matti!). Furthermore, Jolla is actually creating a paid infrastructure for providing a platform to sell their Sailfish image for Xperia X. Why not yet just get in cooperation with Jolla and offer a Fairphone 2-image there additionally? What could be the risk?

I would love to get an official statement about this…


You do realize that Fairphone officially support two interchangeable OSes already, so in that sense there is no problem. Both OSes are Android though, and developing and support resources at Fairphone give a fully stretched impression already.
So Fairphone don’t support the stuff you want, and there’s your problem :slight_smile: .

For what it’s worth, I’m all for official Sailfish OS for the Fairphone 2, too, even if it would cost money. Count me in.


Of course, they do! :slight_smile: But right in that moment, the regarding SFOS-port is getting supported by only one single person… I don’t know that much about the technical backgrounds, but I can’t see where they would have to spend so many impossible resources for implementing Sailfish? It is a working system already… Even if they would employ Matti as a marginally employed worker, they could offer a third system in their scope.

Exactly! :wink: And therefore I just want to know why they don’t do it… Is it too much work? Is there trouble with a suitable business model? Are they afraid about getting not enough profit out of it? Questions over questions - I don’t know anything…


Well, we can agree on that an official update on the situation would be great.
Until then … perhaps not everybody read the info @Douwe gave in November '16 …


Thanks a lot for those informations!

I guess, offering an official image without official support won’t work? For example some system with all features (AlienDalvik and Exchange), but with full responsibility of the user himself?

@Fridl: thank you for your post, thats exactly the point

I am one of the first supporters of your campaign and owned a FF1 until it broke down and could not be repaired anymore. I liked the phone and the idea but I didnt like android on it. Particularly I m not sure if the android OS by google fits the idea of a fair and more or less open smartphone well.
When the FF broke down i bought an old Jolla device and am very happy with Sailfish now… but the Jolla hardware is not a “fair” and dates back to 2013 …So if you could officially support SF on the Fairphone 2 I would at once order one…just make it happen!


Great news are available!

After the launch of Jolla’s Xperia X-image, Fairphone will receive a third offer from Jolla! :slight_smile:


That are GREAT news! I’m very curious about the answer!

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Sounds interesting. I’m shocked to read that even for the Jolla Versions with Android Support, only Api Level 19 is supported. I already know of several apps only running on Level 21 or higher. Do you know if that will change in the future?

I’d very much appreciate an official image for the Fairphone. I would definitely pay for it, like the people pay for the XPeria image.
So please, if Jolla is going to make an offer, talk to them and make it happen!


+1 - I would definitely pay for an official SFOS on FP 2

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Me too, I’ve using SailfishOS for 2 years… And it’s the best mobile system.


+1 - I would definitely pay for an official SFOS on FP 2

I would love to buy an FP2, but never with andoid.

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I sold my FP2 bought a Xperia since I wanted OFFICIAL sailfishos with dalvik since I need to use bankid and so on. Now it seems Sony decided to not support flash using linux thats make me angry and made me think maybe I should go back to FP2 but only if SFOS is official supported!

So yes it really is time for Fairphone and Jolla to wake up! Give full supporty for SFOS and I am sure you will get more customers buying FP2!!!

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me too, I will pay for sfos if it’s official. And my friend want to bought a fp2 if sfos becom official

I think that someone already asked in another thread, but what would official support mean for Fairphone? More manpower (devs etc)? licence? etc.?
I understand that Sailfish isn’t a priority right now, but if porting Sailfish officially on Fairphone could be done without too much time and money form Fairphone’s side, it would be a plus. I wonder if it would be that difficult/expensive to port Sailfish officially on Fairphone. Jolla would provide an image I guess. Users can pay (as for Xperia) to get it with dalvik support.
Could we have some numbers and some explanation? I guess that we miss some point explaining why Fairphone thinks it is too difficult. Maybe @Douwe could give some answers?

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