Sailfish OS release3 for Fairphone 2

Sailfish OS release3 is now ready. Installation and update instructions can be found at Adaptations/libhybris/Install SailfishOS for fp2 - Mer Wiki. Highlights of the new release:

  • Updated to Sailfish OS
  • Based on Android 6 (18.04 release)

IMPORTANT When updating from releases older than Sailfish OS be very careful to update first to following the instructions at Sailfish OS release2 for Fairphone 2.

Known issues:

  • If anyone still notices the previous issue that updating camera configuration fails during camera module change, update or installation please report it to me and use the fix mentioned in earlier release notes (Sailfish OS beta5 release)

Updated successfully, thank you mal! :smiley:

| Sailfish OS (Verla)

As already mentioned by @antis81 here, the line version --dup on your wiki should be modified to devel-su version --dup instead :wink:

Similarly, I noticed that poweroff is not doing anything, and devel-su poweroff is rebooting the phone!

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After few days of usage I noticed far more random reboots and crashes in comparison to 4.1 version. Cannot pinpoint yet what causes it though (some patches cause immediate reboot and reboot loop until patch is uninstalled).

Also noticed amazfish with pinewatch degrade in comparison to previous version of sailfish. Watch does not reconnect when loosing connection while it was doing it when on 4.1. Perhaps there was some change in bluetooth?

Camera takes considerable amount of time to launch. So is flashlight. Also noticed camera crashing when trying to make video instead of photo.

I yet have to test location locking on puremaps so not sure this works fine or not. Apart from that things seem to be working fine

I haven’t noticed any random reboots on my device which I have been using with 4.2.0 for couple of weeks now. Please check if there is anything in “/proc/last_kmsg” after such reboot.

There was bluetooth middleware (bluez5) update in 4.2.0 release. Would be interesting to ask the developer of those apps if he has noticed any issues but based on my discussion with him earlier the more recent bluez5 actually helped with some things. I will check the camera crashing if I can reproduce it.


Just checked again camera video recording after reboot and seems to be working on. I guess it was some glitch before.

Do you use any patches btw? I wonder if those are causing issues with phone stability (Sometimes I just get black screen with red notification led on and need to pull out battery to get it to boot again).

I do not use any patches. Just a note that a long press of power button should cause shutdown, if that is not working then you can force a reboot by pressing volume up and power buttons at the same time for more than 5 seconds, whereas 10 seconds or more will shutdown the device.

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Just a correction:

Sailfish is based on Linux & Mer, not Android. Sailfish is free, but you have pay to get a license to install and run the available Android App runtime.

@lgs11 well that’s a bit semantics, the Sailfish OS port is Linux based OS which is using some lower level Android services and drivers for hardware support and the mention in release notes is about the version of that base Android, part of which is running parallel to the Linux based processes. Mentioning the version of that is very relevant in this case because the version of the flashed Android system.img needs to match the version used for building the patched Android libraries included in the Sailfish OS image. Although maybe there could be some better way to mention the needed version in the notes.


@mal Thanks for the clarification. I was not aware of that dependency. I’ve been running Sailfish on an Xperia XA2 for a while now, but only as a second phone. My main one is an FP3 with /e/OS, which works really well for me.

@muppeth About the bluetooth issue maybe you could test the mcetool command from this Xperia X keeps disconnecting and often wont ever reconnect again. · Issue #169 · piggz/harbour-amazfish · GitHub (mcetool is from mce-tools package if that is not installed)

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Thanks for the pointer. I will check tomorrow during the day.

Update worked without any issues. Both cameras remained black after the reboot but the linked fix got them back.

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Hello everyone and thank you very much @mal for all your work.

I recently updated my FP2 to the version (by doing the multiple updates sequentially) and I have now three problems:

  • like @muppeth the camera and all other application are way slower to start. For the camera it takes 5 second to start, then 2 second to get an image
  • the phone doesn’t vibrate anymore for the text message (and only the text message. For the mail or the phone calls it is ok)
  • I still encounter lots of random restarts (I will check “/proc/last_kmsg” next time)

Does anyone has an idea of what could be the problem ?

Thank you !

I haven’t noticed any common random restarts on my device, getting last_kmsg after such failure would be useful for me to see if there is something that could be fixed.

Camera startup takes about the same time for me to start except for first time after reboot which is even slower and expected to be slower because nothing is cached yet. One part that has changed in the camera operation is that now it dynamically gets the information from hardware support and this also removes the need to the earlier hack I have used on FP2 to detect which camera module is installed (which has been causing random issues after updates for a long time now).

I checked that vibration issue and I see it also, I will investigate it before next release. Hopefully it can be fixed in it.

I’m already using on my device so things could be slightly different, after using the newer version for several days now it seems to be working well so it shouldn’t be long before I make a new release, I will first investigate the issues mentioned here.


Is working the dual sim in the new version?

@Peks what do you mean by that?

Because using a sony x10II with sailfishos is not working properly the 2 sims at the same time

Not sure, I haven’t really used two sim cards on my device, but I don’t remember hearing any complaints from users. I can see if I can test how two sim cards work in my device.

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That will be awesome

Another thing @mal. If you are creating a great port to Fairphone, how it is that this 2 european companies are not doiing a maintane software for these phones?? just wondering if you understand it