Sailfish OS release1 for Fairphone 2

Sailfish OS for FP3 needs to wait until the next Sailfish OS release is public because it will be 64-bit build and some parts are only properly supported in that release.


And now that SFOS 4.0 is out? :wink: SFOS for FP3? :wink:

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My Sailfish OS 4.0.1 FP3 test build has everything working except webgl in browser and fingerprint support based on initial testing. Need cleanup some things and do some more verification and hopefully fix those remaining issues.


I’m in the process of setting up a used phone to carry around for CoronaWarnApp and maybe switch my FP3 to SFOS, once it will be available.

I’m quite interested as I’m seriously considering switching my FP2 to SFOS to (nearly) completely quit android, even more if SFOS 4 becomes available. Thanks for your work @mal!
I’ll take time to have a look and test Sailfish!

Do any of you have any user experiences to provide?

I am running SFOS on a FP2 as my only phone and I have no issues at all. Also have a look at Using Sailfish OS on the FP2 - Experiences and Issues for more experience reports.

Looking forward to SFOS 4. :slight_smile:


Yes, looking forward to SFOS 4 on FP3 :wink:

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Hi! Do you have a 4 build for fairphone 2? I’d really love to try that. I have and old version 2 I’d dedicate to the 4 builds. I’m still running an old jolla and have a Volla, but the old build (3.4?) on the volla has such a poor browser i switched back to android (which i loathe). I basically need the phone to test web apps so I’m sort of hooped for a daily driver without a ‘more or less’ modern browser.

Thanks! At some point you become a member of so many communities you can’t keep track :slight_smile:

Incidently, I could host zip files on a server for ya. Let me know…

(Quoted the wrong post at first.)

I installed the build without much trouble. Actually, I had done it a first time without having read the instructions correctly, it worked the second time smoothly (except I hadn’t been able to start FPOS 18.04 after installing it, so I couldn’t calibrate the sensor and don’t quite know if it works).
I really like the concept and find it very interesting. Unfortunately, I discovered SFOS on FP2 doesn’t integrate Alien-Dalvik, and I got used to many android features and apps which makes it a no-go for me. Also, the UI is closed source.
But nevertheless great OS! Plenty of things I would like to see in android.

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I’m wondering where which irc server I should go to :slight_smile: https://webchat.ircnet.net/?

got it! freenode…

Hi mal, is there any progress regarding the release for FP3?

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The reason why 3.4.0 release has been blocked is a kernel bug which causes device to reboot in the middle of the update from 3.3.0 causing device to not boot to UI anymore after that, it can be manually recovered by continuing the update via ssh but that is not very friendly for users. I know a workaround but that needs everyone to do a change before updating.

The same kernel bug probably explains why device reboots when trying to shutdown the device.

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Thanks for your quick reply!
I know that FP3 and FP2 are now mixed up in this thread, but I was especially interested in the state of 4.0.1 for teh FP3 :wink:

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I need to do some testing on FP3 to make sure camera works correctly without any terrible hacks, other than that currently fingerprint support is not working and I saw some call audio issues which I need check if those still exist.


I could live very well without fingerprint support :wink:

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I have recently upgraded to a Fairphone 3. Now i want to give Sailfish OS a shot on my FP2. Unfortunately i’m not allowed to write PMs yet, cause of my “new User” status. Maybe this post will change that or you would be so kind to contact me instead. :grin:
Greetings Bass-T