Sailfish OS beta4 release

The adb command did as before, but ‘sudo fastboot devices’ returned ‘c2e5454f fastboot’. So I followed the process as written in the Mer Wiki:

  • Extract the files from the zip
  • Go to the folder you extracted the zip
  • Check that the device is detected with fastboot devices
  • fastboot flash modem ./BP/NON-HLOS.bin
  • Extract filesystem images from Android zip on your computer.
  • Enter fastboot mode on your phone by turning off device, when device is powered down press and hold volume down button and then plug USB cable.
  • Open a terminal on your computer and go to the folder where you extracted the file system images.
  • Check that the device is detected with fastboot devices
  • fastboot flash system system.img
  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • fastboot reboot

It seemed okay, but following the reboot (which had some hickups but managed in the end without me doing anything) it has been nearly two hours showing “android is being updated - Settings are being prepared”.
While waiting I found the Fairphone Installation guide for Open OS where the package name is the same as the one on the Mer Wiki except it has “switcher” in it: fp2-sibon-18.04.1-manual-switcher.
I switched the FP2 off now because I am thinking of trying the process stated on the Fairphone guide, but it will not stay off, it is in a loop: starting until “change is in your hands”, and starting anew until…
What do you think?

I think the instructions on Mer are a bit confusing. The only file you use from is NON-HLOS.bin (notice the instructions for this file are all sub-points; the instructions them jump back up a level to refer to 18.04). If I read through what you did, I get the impression you also used system.img and recovery.img from If this is the case, the best way forward would be to follow mal’s comment above:

In short:

  1. Install Fairphone Open OS / Sibon using fastboot and this file: You can use the Fairphone instructions for this, as mal mentions the whole installation can be done.
  2. Unpack, and flash the NON-HLOS.bin file that’s part of the extracted data via fastboot. fastboot flash modem ./BP/NON-HLOS.bin looks okay as a command, though I’m not 100% sure of the exact path.
  3. Continue from Sailfish OS installation in the instructions on Mer Wiki.

After restarting, the phone stated (as in the first round) ‘optimizing x apps out of 72’, which took some time, and now it is again ‘android is being started - Settings are prepared’.

I am running out of time, I will leave the phone on for another 2 hours and then switch it off and continue at the weekend.

@mal: I would be happy to test and report issues if you have a build with the latest Lineage OS as a base ready. Pretty eager to do it…

sorry, I sent my reply before I saw your post.

No, I did only the one command fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin from the directory with the unpacked[].

What I did wrong is to do step 2 first, and only afterwords did install Fairphone OOS (step 1) because in the beginning I thought I already had that. However, to do step 1 (following finishing step 2), I started from another directory with the unpacked fp2-sibon-18.04.1-manual so I used this unpacked file for system.img and recovery.img. I have screen shots but I do not know how to put them here.
I will start the whole process again at the weekend, this time starting with step 1! Over the years I learned that with computers, you need patience and try again.
Thank you for your help up to now! I will switch my FP off now, it is still struggling to start android…

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I have been thinking, it seems to me that my poblem starts right when the command line ‘sudo adb devices’ and ‘… fastboot’ don’t return the FP (but only the SD-card which I put in the FP). Now I found a good thread for me (it’s in French, sorry) at: 🇫🇷 Mise à jour du FP2 vers Open Fairphone OS impossible
I will follow this up at the weekend.
I am really happy about this forum, thank you to all those who contribute!

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Actually, you don’t need to boot to your OS at this point! Once you flashed the system.img and the NON-HLOS.bin, just reboot to TWRP recovery and install the sailfishos zip.


As Fairphone announced the next beta with a lot of bug fixes (e.g. switching off with new camera modules and so on), a build.on the basis of the coming version could be a good idea.

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@mal I am.using the port for several days now and I have a huge battery drain. Top/htop shows that there are processes

/usr/sbin/sensorfwd -c=/etc/sensorfwd/primaryuse.conf --systemd --log-level=warning --no-magnetometer-bg-calibration

These processes use 10…15% (according to htop), battery drains fast and the whole system feels somehow slow, e.g. characters show up with a short delay after typing and so on.

Have I f***** up something?

Did you correctly flash the old modem partition as mentioned in instructions:

  • Download
  • Extract files from the zip and locate file NON-HLOS.bin
  • Run as root: fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
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Thank you! I’m 99% sure I did it, but just to be 100% sure I did it again and will check it’s behavior over the day.

Shame on me, it seems I may have forgotten the step… After flashing SFOS to my FP2 so many times it finally happened :wink:

OK, the battery drain is gone, but the phone still seems somehow a little bit slow in every aspect. Like there was a small delay. But maybe it is just me, as I have an XA2 with just beside the FP2?

I added a kernel fix for the device shutdown issue when using new camera. It’s now available in devel and testing repos. To update your device run version --dup. I didn’t update the release images so the fix is currently only available via OTA update. I will include it in release images for next Sailfish OS release when that happens.


Thank you @mal !
Update successful and no more reboot when shutting down :slight_smile:

| Sailfish OS (Sipoonkorpi)
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The open terminal on my Ubuntu laptop told me: “Flashing successful! Your Fairphone 2 will now run Fairphone Open 18.04.1.” The second time ever I used the fastboot command.
I am so very happy. I had to remove the battery in between because the phone continued its starting/switching off without ever stopping, after my last trial. I used my first FP (the one which stays mainstream because I need the app from the Deutsche Bahn) to recharge the battery.
Over the next days I will play around with FP OOS before going on to Sailfish OS. FP OOS could possibly go on my first FP if I find a solution for the railway tickets. This second one with Sailfish OS is meant to be a gift to somebody.
This is to say thank you to you all for your help.

For that you could need installing MicroG on FPOOS (guide) or going towards LineageOS+MicroG


Thank you. I will try this later. Right now I have installed Sailfish OS.

How did you exactly do this? My FP2 does it since the FPOOS install, and now with Sailfish OS it keeps doing it. At least I got the battery drain thing fixed according to the instructions from mal.

I followed the instructions on wiki, chapter " Over-the-Air updates, Updating Sailfish OS via commandline:"

In summary, instructions are:

  • Open shell with normal nemo user preferrably via ssh
  • ssu release
  • ssu lr
  • devel-su zypper clean -a
  • devel-su zypper ref -f
  • version --dup
  • sync
  • poweroff
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Thank you, now the phone stays put when shut down.

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