Safe Mode Fairphone 2

I didn’t put it in Safe Mode but whatever I do or read, I cannot get it out of Safe Mode!!

Hi and welcome back. Can you elaborate a bit what you see actually on the screen and what you arelaredy tried to get out of it? Normally when you are in safe mode a reboot will bring you back to “normal” mode. Do you know what operating system in which version you are running on the FP2?


Thanks for speedy response. Much appreciated. You are indeed a Fairphone Angel as contacting you has brought about a miracle. I have no idea how this happened but I did a backup, a Factory ReSet, and then updated to the latest Android version possible on FP2 and problem solved!! Thank Goodness. Normally I am quite good at finding a way through Techno Hell and this one nearly had me beat.
So thanks again and my gratitude for your offer of Help.
All the Best


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