Safe cover to FP2

I am evaluating if to buy a FP2 soon.
After a research in google and amazon, I couldn’t find but quite “light” cover case for it.
I wonder if a rugged case to add exists, since I am so desperately clumsy…
I actually have a very cheap phone which drops from my hands three times a day…
So do any of you know if are there stronger cases somewhere on sale? Do you have experience of them?

Thank you very much!

Please note that the integrated Slim Case the FP2 comes with was designed as a protective case from the start. Fairphone’s Olivier Hebert explains how it works:

If you still want to add a case on top of it, (just) one option here.


Here are more suggestions:

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Hi, I bought a cork cover for mine on ebay (or maybe Amazon- naughty). You stick the existing FP2 cover to it on the back, and there’s a front flap for whan you’re not using it. I love it- light and very protective.

Let’s continue in the other topic.