Running Ruby 3.2's YJIT in Production at Discourse

I just enabled it on my own forum. It seems faster than usual. Let’s see if it’s just my imagination/cache. Maybe something to consider for this forum as well?

Self-hosters enabling YJIT should monitor memory usage to ensure that your servers can handle the additional memory requirements.

Throwing more memory at it for mere milliseconds of speed gain is not something I’m going to consider at the moment.

However, I am interested to hear your experience regarding speed and stability.

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So far no issues found. My server has 2GB of RAM and one 2.4GHz CPU core. It runs Discourse, Dovecot, Postfix (with anti spam software), OpenDKIM and things along those lines. There are about 600 unique visitors per month and about 40K page views (mostly bots I suppose).

Memory usage is tighter than before. But the Discourse instance has a faster response. It’s indeed just a fraction faster. But for me that tradeoff is worth it.

$ free -whl
               total        used        free      shared     buffers       cache   available
Mem:           1.9Gi       1.5Gi        89Mi       116Mi        33Mi       317Mi       181Mi
Low:           1.9Gi       1.8Gi        89Mi
High:             0B          0B          0B
Swap:          3.7Gi       968Mi       2.8Gi

You can see I’m using swap memory, but that’s inactive memory. So it’s legit use of swap and doesn’t impact performance.

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