Root access for a secondary user under LOS?

Is it possible to give root access for a secondary user under LOS? I would like to do that, so this user as well could run apps, which need root access like ‘titanium’ or ‘battary charge limiter’. @chrmhoffmann: Would it be possible to make such an access possible under LOS?

Edit: I installed ‘SuperSU’ from Yalp store at the primary and secondary user, and have found a switch at the primary users SU at settings:
Enable multi-user (all users have root access) [v]
I did that, but it doesn’t work at my setting, don’t know, why.

Nowbody knows anything?
Other questions:

  • Is it possible to uninstall ‘’? I would like to try that. Possibly this SU gets into conflict with the other one I installed later.
  • Does root access work under FPOS or FPopenOS for secondary users?

You can find an addonsu-remove zip at


Thanks a lot @z3ntu!!!

Edit: But that way also I didn’t manage to get root access for secondary users.

I don’t know. You could try asking on lineageos on irc.


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