[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3

Thanks for all the great work, really eager to try it.

I’m really interesting to try it with Micro-G too.
If I understand correctly, once it’s on download.lineageos.org, it will be automatically built few days later on lineage.microg.org ?

If it’s not the case or if someone is more eager than me and build a microg included version, I would love to have it too :slight_smile:

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Well, looks like the build failed.

There’s no hurry fixing it, though. Take your time, @dk1978. :slight_smile:

Great to finally see the FP3 at lineage website!
Thanks so much!

Does anybody know, wether it is necessary to install Magisk again after updating from unofficial to official?

Nice to see the progress at the lineageos-site - wouldn’t it be nice to see this in the name of this thread too? UNOFFICIAL -> OFFICIAL :grinning:

I think once the builds are up and Lineage for FP3 really official, it’ll be better to open a new topic and to close this one, in the same way as Lineage 17.1 - FP2 was opened after the preview phase.


Thanks a lot @Max_S and @dk1978 for making LOS possible for FP3. Looks awesome to see the official support on the LOS homepage. I am really excited to try the official version. Props to all other maintainers and testers too!

But still I am also looking forward to see progress in adapting LOS for the new FP3+ modules. Please link future related topics here when closing the thread @Alex.A. Thanks again.


Where can one find whether there is a new build underway? I don’t get along with this page :wink:

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here you can find recently finished and enqueued LOS 16.0 builds: https://buildkite.com/lineageos/android/builds?branch=lineage-16.0


Thanks. So if I understand the process correctly, new builds are triggered regularly (once a week?) and if the build fails, the next attempt will be next time the set of builds is triggered again?

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Funny thing that the microG-version has completed fine: https://download.lineage.microg.org/FP3/
I’ll try this probably this evening. If anyone is faster than me with trying, I’m eager to hear if that build works!


oh wow, that’s nice! :blush:
Could you check whether SeedVault is available in this build?
Although i doubt it since this new backup&restore solution is primary available for LOS 17.1…


I think normally they’re triggered once a week, yes. But they could also be triggered manually, too, if something fails.

@HolosericaCaligo you might want to check out this thread: [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-GSI 17.1 for FP3

I believe the official LineageOS build failed due to a race condition concerning the existence of a folder when doing this

So, in other words, some builds (maybe using only 4-8 CPUS) might work, and others may fail. I am working on a patch right now.


That’s what I’m after anyways :wink:

At least it boots fine. Did a dirty install over the old microG version. Maybe it’s clever to put the further discussion in a separate thread?

I also confirm it boots and seems to work just fine. I did a clean install over the stock android.


This is good news! And I suppose, the microG is the latest version, capable to run the corona-warning-apps in Europe?

I will try this soon. I wonder however, how things behave with Magisk installed. Will I need to remove it before attempting a dirty install?

Edit: I backed up in TWRP, just tried … and it worked with all my data unscathed. According to the instructions here (dirty install): https://lineage.microg.org/ I first installed the migration ZIP and then sideloaded their microG LOS version. Used TWRP for that to, as the sideload failed in the stock recovery. The flash did remove Magisk however, so I had to reinstall. I do wonder though - will this happen after every OTA update? Is there a way to prevent it?

Anyways - I’m glad it worked out. Kudos to all involved in the development!

Yes, microG is the latest version (.2.13.203915 at the time of writing), the menu “Exposure Notifications” is visible, and seems to work with Corona-Warn-App.


Official LineageOS for the Fairphone 3 is here. Continue over here: