[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3

How is battery consumption with that ROM? I have installed lineageOS on several other devices, and mostly battery consumption is significantly higher than using the original ROM.

Hi there,
can you guys tell if the LOS 16 you made for Fairphone 3 will run on Fairphone 3+ too? Or is the architecture different there?

They are exactly the same. No difference in the core module. So yes.


You may need an upgrade to support the new camera in LOS but that applies as well to an FP3 with upgraded camera.

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I have amazing battery time but I am more of a standby user than a power user
But there is no mysterious battery drain.

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Lol - that sounds like me! Thanks for the information. So I’ll wait if the upcoming FP3-update will solve my Bluetooth problems. Otherwise I’ll give LOS a chance.

Between 20 and 25% of battery per day, I can easily be 3 days without charging my phone (wifi and 4G always on except during night, in plane mode). It is awesome :slight_smile:

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Since some users reported to have problems with their banking apps after installing open Gapps with magisk, I decided to go for the disable-verity solution with a non-rooted LOS. I can say that ALL of my banking- and similar apps are working perfectly fine. I am an experienced user of LOS on a variety of devices (with root and without root) and know which of my apps are the typical ‘troublemakers’. NONE of these apps had any problems when installing open Gapps with the disable-verity solution. I would therefore recommend to anyone planning to use this LOS with open Gapps to FIRST try the disable-verity solution and only if this does not work go for the magisk solution (except if you want to root your phone anyway).

In case you wonder how to use the disable-verity solution: Install the SDK Platform tools on your PC (minimal adb/fastboot is not enough) and then perform the commands

  • adb disable-verity
  • adb reboot ‘dm-verity enforcing’

from your PC directly after installing open Gapps, while your phone is still in TWRP.

I made sure that my phone was NOT rooted (I even flashed Magisk uninstaller to be on the safe side). Also, some banking apps check if developer options are enabled and do not work if this is the case. Therefore, I would always recommend to disable developer options when installing one of these picky apps.

Please note that there is a reason why many banks make sure that their apps can only be run on ‘secure’ phones, so perform any of these steps on your own risk!

If other users can confirm my experiences, it might make sense to update the open Gapps instructions in the introduction text.


Thanks for this helpful advice! I’ll keep it in mind - in case I should switch to LOS next week.

@Max_S, @dk1978 and all other who helped to make this possible: :clap: and a very big thank you for your dedication.

I received my FP3 (needed after my FP2 was lost-in-space) and immediately followed the instructions to install LO16 on it.

It’s my first time with a phone that has these A/B slots and a locked bootloader. So I have some questions:

My situation is, if I followed well, as follows:

  • bootloader is unlocked.
  • FP16 flashed to slot A
  • TWRP installed on the system

What I now notice, is that the message about the phone about the bootloader being unlocked and the phone being vulnerable appears every time.

When I lock the bootloader, the bootup sequence doesn’t get beyong this message it seems. However, at that time it seem that system was booting from slot B (containing the stock FPOS?) and with TWRP installed. So I’m not clear whether that was the problem (TWRP cannot be used with the stock FPOS) or the fact that the bootloader was locked again.

I now have some questions:

  • is the requirement to unlock the bootloader needed until the build is done through the lineageos build system (which will then sign it) ?
  • do we really need to keep the bootloader unlocked at the moment ?
  • does it harm to have TWRP installed ? I later read that it’s not really needed to install it.
  • unlocking the bootloader wipes the data partition. Will that be a requirement for every install until OTA updates work ? If so, is the procedure explained in [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3 (user-data dance) the one to use in order to prevent loss of the user data ?

I’m a bit hesitation to fully configure the phone if I would have to redo that on every update.

You unlock the bootloader only once. The update keeps your userdata intact. I’ve done it once without problems

Hi folks, I just wanted to ask if there is a way to see the progress of the audit by the lineage devs? I’m really curious how fast we can expect FP3 do be supported officially.


I am also very interested. I want to do the migration once, so I am waiting for the official release.

Same here. I have been following this thread for a while and can’t wait for the official release. @Max_S and @dk1978 can you tell how far the progress is?

I can confirm that all my banking apps are working with LOS and Open Gapps. I installed LOS and Open Gapps via ADB sideload and then used the commands suggested by Parkhaus while still being in TWRP. I can also confirm that Android Auto is working flawlessly with LOS.


can you tell how far the progress is?

The review process is tracked on Gitlab but does not appear to be publicly viewable, perhaps for good reasons. At the moment we have been tasked with cleaning up the project’s commit history and fix some odd settings.


What camera app are people using on their FP3 with LineageOS?

In my case the standard LineageOS camera app produces very noisy images when lighting conditions are not perfect, same for OpenCamera. I managed to overcome this issue by installing one of the GoogleCamera ports, in particular this one: cstark27’s PXv4.5_GoogleCamera_7.2.014, since an earlier version of it was recommended in the camera app thread here on this forum.


Same, I have tried some other camera applications but the google port is, while not perfect, the best.

I still have troubles with ctsProfile… Can someone with Lineage and NOT rooted can install SafetyNet Helper Sample and run a test? My phone failed.

More info: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=82935207&postcount=40370 and https://www.xda-developers.com/safetynet-hardware-attestation-hide-root-magisk/?utm_content=buffer71715&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Also fails for me. I installed LoS without MicroG and Magisk, but installed Open Gapps with the disable-verity option.

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