[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3

That sounds really good!

Small note that might be of help for others: After installing LineageOS on my FP3 I got quite a big constant battery drain, attributed to “mobile network standby” according to the OS, similar to https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/aescnu/battery_drain/ for example. I’ve solved this by enabling the developer options and then disabling the “Mobile data always active” option (https://i.imgur.com/oJRORr3.png) and that resolved it.


I installed LOS yesterday, just finishing my configuration. Everything works perfectly (dual sim included)!
I installed LOS, then Magisk and finally Open gapps nano (arm64, Android 9).

Really great job! I participated to port LOS on FP2 few years ago, so I know the amount of work it requires. Congratulation to each and everyone who made LOS for FP3 possible!

The only (minor) problem I have is an french app for medical record (DMP) that is very “picky”. It cannot be launched if your phone is rooted, not correctly signed, or whatever, but Magisk-hide usually does the trick. Here it does not tho, most probably because the ctsProfile does not pass the SafetyNet control in Magisk. Maybe the same problem makes Trust saying that the version is signed with public keys… No idea.
Edit: it seems to be Magisk problem, not LOS

And from times to times, after a reboot, I have the message saying that the update to Fairphone 3 A.0134 is available.

Again, congratulation and thanks a lot!


Sorry for being absent for the last weeks. I’m quite busy with other things unfortunately. :disappointed:
I’ll try to make a new build today/next days at least.

You should be able to update via OTA or via the LOS recovery mode. But you are not able to boot TWRP of course.

That is exactly what the lock should do. It should prevent prevent unauthorized modification of system, e.g. install some malware.

Yes, we could sign it with our keys. But you’d need to trust these then of course. And if it will go official, it will be signed with other keys of course. Maybe I’ll play around with that to check for possible disadvantages.


Great, thanks, and no hassle, we know not to ask for ETA with LOS :slight_smile:
How does one update, as OTA is not working yet (to my knowledge)
As I’m using the phone I’d like not to use the existing setup…

Considering to change to this ROM, it looks really good! Thanks to all the devs for the progress so far.

I have two questions:

  • I’m currently on a GSI ROM. Is recommended to do a vendor update before moving to LOS? Or is it included? This is recommended in the GSI guide as it also updates the non-system partitions (explained in this topic).
  • As OTA updates are not yet working, how easy is it to update? Guessing it is just repeating the “How to install”? Will this be the same once it goes official?

You can use TWRP and simply install a newer version. Or u can use the LOS recovery mode and sideload it. Maybe this is missing in description.
Official LOS builds can also be updated in that way. OTA updates are much more comfortable of course and don’t require a pc with adb or fastboot.

No, it’s not necessary as it comes with its own vendor partition.


I see there is a new release on GitHub of the ROM, which has as release notes “Fix Wi-Fi Hotspot”, but according to git there are only 2 commits since the previous release and they are just changes in the README. So I guess nothing really changed between builds 20200626 and the new 20200818?

Another thing is that the builds are made with MicroG 0.2.9 from October 2019, but recently 0.2.11 was released. Could you include that version of MicroG in the next ROM release? Would be great, since it fixes GCM/FCM issues, e.g. for push notifications for the Signal messaging app.

The fix is in the kernel tree.


You can find it here if you are interested.

I build it with the docker image from microg. It usually uses prebuilt apks from this repo. They just updated it 8 days ago. Maybe it wasn’t pushed to github yet. However you can easily update GmsCore on your own. Simply install the apk from them on top. I’d suggest to add their f-droid repo and keep it updated with it.


Does someone know whether the update.d mechanism for gapps/magisk works when updating? (With a/b partitioning). Or do i have to flash those again?

Edit: I chickened out with Magisk, as its addon script wrote something about the soon to be inactive slot… But gapps seem to have survived…

Thanks @Max_S and @dk1978 for both your answers.

For better traceability of what’s in a release, could it be an option to include the kernel tree repo then as a git submodule in the other repo? That way it is clear for me but also for you what changes from one build to another?

As for the MicroG story, so it might mean the new release 20200818 also includes the new MicroG version? In any case, thanks for the explanation. And I also just learned that updating MicroG is easy (just install the APK indeed), I thought it would perhaps be more involved. So indeed then it is not that important to ship builds with the latest MicroG.

Hi, I’m trying to install LOS on my FP3, but I’m running into a very simple problem.

I installed adb and fastboot on my computer, but I can’t connect my FP to the computer. It doesn’t recognize it. Should I use Android Studio? If so, in what way? I installed Android Studio btw.


Did you switch android debugging on for adb? Did you start your phone in fastboot mode for fastboot? Did you try another cable?
Under what OS is your computer?
Did you do a quick search on this forum, or example “computer doesn’t recognize fp3”, or “adb fastboot”? You’ll find many tips.


Hi :slight_smile:,

I did this step:
5f. Select back (don’t reboot yet) and select Wipe -> Format Data -> yes

Now it is not clear to me whether I should ‘Prompt to install TWRP app if not installed’ and ‘Install as a System app’ before I will ‘Reboot System’…

I hope somebody can help me!

A tip for mac users for using adb and fastboot: https://technastic.com/adb-fastboot-command-mac-terminal/.

You don’t need the twrp app, imho. Also, as long as twrp is not official it’s useless

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Top! tnx :slight_smile:

No. Please don’t. Last time I did this it stopped my phone from booting. Moreover, I doubt you need it.

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twrp <- LineageOS :wink: .

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