Roaming: First Simcard crashed abroad, Signal strength not shown


I was on holidays in some european countries. Mostly once a day the first sim-card was gone and I hadn´t any internet-connection. After a new start of the FP2 it functioned well up to the next crash of sim-card 1.
The signs on the top of the display showed only R (for “roaming”). The Samsung phone of my daughter showed the strength of the signal, too. It showed R (for roaming) and E or H or 4G for the signal. That should be implemented in one of the next updates.


I didn’t have SIM-Card problems while staying in France last month. I have a german Telekom SIM-Card. But I can confirm that the signal indicator at the top showed the bars for signal strength and only “R” for roaming. The level of data connection (Edge, HSDPA, etc.) was not visible.

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