Roaming data not working

I have been to both Portugal and Germany with my FP2, both times the data when roaming on these networks does not work. I have tried the following:

  • Switching manually between available networks

  • Ensuring data is enabled and data whilst roaming is enabled

  • Rebooting

  • On a contract with plenty of data but also ensured i have money on my account that can be used for additional roaming charges to avoid this being an issue with my provider.

Data at home (UK) seems to work fine, any ideas?

Maybe you have to ask your provider to enable data roaming. Sometimes it can be done via the website, or, in my case, I always get an SMS with further instructions on how to book a data roaming package.

Hi, I have checked with my provider and confirmed that roaming data is enabled. There is a caveat that there must be money on the account but there definitely is, which is why i suspected the FP2 causing the issue.
I will double check with the network but wondered if anyone else has experienced similar issues.


I have experienced similar problems but in my case was my mistake. I remember that I First: open configuration 2) mobile network 3)Roaming data
or open configuration and 1)data use 2)mobil data and at the top open the window and push mobil network and open roaming data

Sorry for my english


I had the same issue with my old operator. SMS with settings didn’t come on my phone and I had to configure it manually. But once I have chosen unlimited global roaming with one sim card, I forgot of changing sim cards and reconfiguring the phone for multiple times.

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