Roaming data not working FP2

I have a FP2 updated to latest OS version 17.05.2. I have 2 sims 1 British Vodafone monthly contract and 1 Norwegian Hello (Telenor) monthly contract. Both work perfectly in their respective countries when I remember to switch 4G/2G between them. Neither will allow connection to data when roaming even when roaming is switched on for them. I have checked with the Norwegian sim helpline and roaming data is permitted with my contract. When I pull down the top bar I see the data connection with the occasional up and down arrows and sometimes an exclamation mark over the signal strength indicator but there is no data connection when I try to access websites etc. The phone calls and SMS work normally.
I have followed all the instructions in the dual sim instruction guide. I have tried turning the non roaming sim off to see if that makes a difference but no luck.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I don’t see anyone else complaining about roaming data problems at the moment.
I’d be grateful for any help. Thanks

I have used data roaming on only one sim card in five different countries during the last week and the only limitation I saw was that the signal strength indicator doesn’t show the network technology anymore because the space is already taken by the roaming-“R” (is there anything that could be done about that?). I also had to find out that some foreign networks work better than others, e.g. 3AT in Austria had a weak performance while T-Mobile Croatia worked fine, just like the networks that I used in Italy and Slovenia.
Did you check roaming only in GB and N or did you try it in other countries, too? In that way we could exclude your roaming partners as the source of the problem.

Check if your current APN settings are appropriate:

I was in Greece some weeks ago and roaming on the UK sim worked fine there. I didn’t try the Norwegian sim. This is the first time I have tried to roam in either UK or Norway because the Norwegian sim now has ‘Roam like Home’ . Previously I just used the sim for each country.

I’ve checked the APN settings for both SIMs and they seem to be what is recommended, though I don’t understand what all the various settings mean and why they might be important for roaming.

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