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I was just looking for some help. I’m on holiday in Italy (from the UK) for a few days. I’m having difficulty getting my phone to work over here. Will I can receive calls/texts then I can’t send any without turning my data connection on. A message then pops up saying “data roaming charges will apply”. Usually data roaming charges = bad. I have no intention of using my mobile internet. I just want to be able to send a couple of texts home! Any help on this would be brilliant. If you need more clarification just let me know.

Thank youuu!

You don’t need data connection to send SMS or do calls. No need to turn it on.

Since you travel in the EU calls currently are at 23 cents outgoing and 6 cents incoming (per min respectively). SMS are at 7 cents.

PS: Data would be at 24 cents per MB, but as I said before you won’t need data connection.
PS: I can’t tell you the charges in pounds, you’d need to calculate yourself. :wink:

That’s the max costs. Real costs depends on your provider.

Thank you for responding!

So just to check when the phone says whenever I want to send a text “The simcard you are about to use is now roaming. No local Sim card is available. Would you like to continue?” It doesn’t mean data connection in terms of the roaming charges for internet etc. Just that I’m not on my usual network & therefore their tariffs!

Sorry if there is an obvious answer to this - it’s safe to say technology is not my strong point! Really appreciate all the help!

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Exactly! :blush:

Thank you! You are all so wonderful & prompt to reply :slight_smile:

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