Ringtone volume goes zero frequently

Hi all, my FP2 is working smoothly except for one thing. Everytime after returning from screen switched off, Volumen for ringtones and notifications is zero. Strange enough, I can’t change it neither via Touchscreen nor via Volumen buttons. The only thing that helps is reboot.
Edit: Problem seems to have gone by now, thread can be closed. seems like the phone has grown up :smile:

Similar problem here and it happened twice already. I’m unable to unmute media and alarm volumes until reboot. :wink: I have no idea what might be causing this, though. It happens when I turn the phone silent and when I want to unmute it, I have to reboot in order to play music or audio files. Notification sounds still work properly…

I wonder if this is somehow connected with this issue: Ring volume switched off for a long time when making a screenshot

It’s actually quite the opposite but could still be related :smiley: My ringtones and notification sounds work just fine, I only can’t reactivate Media and alarm sounds. screenshot:

As you can see, the upper two bars are faded out and not movable. :wink:

Since this morning I have had the same problem too. I can’t control the media or alarm volume (both greyed out). On top of that I can’t change the volume during a phone call. It stays so low that it’s almost impossible to hear the person on the other side.

I didn’t take off my back cover, so it can’t really be related to that. Once I rebooted and charged the phone again it worked fine for half an hour and now I am back to greyed out volume bars and asking callers to scream. I’m not too keen on returning to factory settings just yet since I just set up the phone.

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I have the same problem since today!
I can’t change ringtone volume anymore…it’s gone totally silent and the button to change volume has turned grey. Has anyone come up with a solution yet?

As I said above, the problem vanished after some time and has not reappeared since. So unfortunately I don’t have a real solution.

For me it disappeared and then reappeared a few days later… Now a week has gone by without ringtone sound.