Ringtone volume for FP3+

I have just received my new FP3+. and am setting up. there is no volume on the ringtone for incoming calls and I have pressed volume up button on side so it is at full volume.
The only way I know I can receive a call is to look at the phone!
I have also gone into settings to check there that it is not on mute.
Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do?

When you press the volume button, a slider appears, with some icons. On the lower end, there is a symbol, which opens a configuration menu, there you can find the volume settings for different signals.

Thank you. I have tried that and got the various sliders for media, call, ring and alarm. I’ve put them all at maximum volume.
My phone ringtone is set at Kuma.
Initially I tried different ringtones to test and I could hear some of them but then they stopped. Now there is no ringtone sound at all.
The vibrate for calls works OK.

What about the icon above the slider, is it set to the bell symbol?

Yes it is. I double-checked.

Did you try a hardware check?
By typing * # * # 6 6 # * # * in the dialer, it should appear.

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Thank you. You mean as though I was making a phone call on the dial pad. I’ve done this and it says first ‘USSD code running’… then Unknown Command.

That’s because the forum software changed the appearance of my posting, I edited now, just discard the spaces between the inputs.

Thank You. I typed exactly as you reedited, in the phone dialler pad and pressed the green phone button as though making a call. It came up with same ‘USSD and unknown command’. … When someone makes a call and I have the visual instruction on my phone to answer I can hear the caller and they can hear me, I just can’t hear it ringing at all

Sorry stupid me it’s: * # * # 6 6 # * # * and the menu appears without dialing.

On the contrary, Thank you for all your help! this was the correct combination and I got through to the Hardware testing page. It is now stuck on one of the tests for 'keyboard Switch. so I’ll try again. Thanks.

I’ve now tested everything and it seems like the Speaker is faulty as there is also no sound from a YouTube video… I will contact the support line on Fairphone to see if they can do anything. Thank you again Incanus for your help and time which I appreciate. Jenny


If you have sound other the speaker is fine. The quality of the speaker is only really heard nit the test as indicated.

*#*#66#*#* > Service tests > Single test > Speaker

The first test is the hands free speaker at the bottom left, you may need to use the volume up key to initiate the sound which is a Chinese song.

The second test is

*#*#66#*#* > Service tests > Single test > Receiver test
Same song but much quieter.

if you get sound from only one speaker or none contact support@fairphone.com

For the time being I’d suggest activating the setting so that it vibrates when it rings, even if it’s on ringing and not vibrate. (settings > Sound > vibrate during calls) (or something like this, my phone is in German) :slight_smile:

To carry on from @punyidea = Settings > Sound > Vibrate for calls

If you can get sound on some app, media for example then please see this topic as you may have the notification settings a bit skewed in the Do Not Disturb options


Thank you. I tested the ‘Receiver’ and could hear the Chinese Song! So it appears to be just the Speaker that is faulty on my New FP3+. I am contacting Fairphone support as this is so disappointing when I was so excited to get a new phone. Thank you very much for your time and helpful suggestions.

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By the way it may just be a loose connection with the bottom speaker module, which although you could investigate, and maybe fix, clearly this was not what you wanted with a new phone. I say this partly as it may take a while for Fairphone to get back to you and even then they may ask you to do tests etc. which can be very annoying.

Taking the phone apart to check the speaker module is seated correctly doesn’t invalidate the warranty and may be a quicker fix if that is the problem but you had better ask for official support and repair immediately. And even if you do fix it you may feel insecure that the same or another problem may arise and be equally or even more distressing.

So once you have made the official support request look at the following link which details how to take the phone apart. You may feel nervous about doing so but reading it will show it is possible and you could do it.

All the best

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Maybe check if thé option “don’t disturb” is activited

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