Ringing volume goes down automatically

Hi, I find that the ringing volume of my FP goes down to a point that I almost can not hear the phone ring anymore, without me doing that. Why does the phone do this and how can I change that? Maybe I do something that makes this happen without me knowing it?

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The volume button affects different volumes depending on context: While music plays, the playback volume, while speaking, the earpiece volume, else, the ringtone volume.
Mind the different icons on the volume bar when pressing the volume buttons.
Maybe you carry the phone in your pocket and press the volume-down-button unintentionally?
Do you use a case?

Thank you for you answer, No, I don’t use a case and I din’t look at the volume bar up to now, so I will take notice of that from now on. Why the case, does it make a difference? I do have a case, but i don’t use it a lot because the plug of the cable doesn’t fit properly when I want to use my earphones or charger.

The case would avoid the volume button from being pressed accidentally.

Thank you Arnd, my case is back on again:)

@Angeloize Do you still experience that the volume goes down on its own?

Hi Stefan,

Sometimes my volume is still down without me knowing that but I think now
it might be that I turn the volume down when I’m talking to someone on the
phone, using the buttons on the side to lower the volume while calling,
then after hanging up the ringing volume is down, is that right?


If you lower the volume during a call, it should only affect calls. However if you lower the volume whilst being on the home screen, then it affects the ring tones and notifications / other sounds.

To be sure, to set your ringtone volume and not the call volume, go to Settings > audio profiles > click on the icon next to “General” > Volume: