Ring tone through speaker when headset plugged in

Hi Folks, sound quality on calls on my FP1 since I dropped it is now very poor unless I use headphones which is ok, apart from this problem. When the headphones are plugged in and a call comes in the ring tone only goes through the headphones - is there somewhere in settings where I can change this - cos if there is I can’t find it? Also any suggestions on how I can find out if the phone is repairable and if so where I can get it fixed. I don’t really want to send it back to Holland and it is way out of warranty. Finally if I can’t fix it what should I buy next as I can’t afford a FP2?

I don’t think so. This seems to be intended behaviour because you might miss a call, if your headset is plugged in and you are not actually wearing it.

Sounds as if your head loudspeaker broke when you dropped it. There is a nice tutorial by iFixit on how to repair this part. The spare part can be bought here.

(Shipping in comparison to the value of the spare part is quite high though. If you are anywhere near these local Fairphoners, you could arrange for a collective order. The Facebook groups are also a good place to ask and find partners for a collective order.)

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Thanks Stefan, not many FP users in the UK - I’ll look in to buying spares and have a go at fixing it.

Stefan, I just wanted to say thank you - I fixed it, as far as I can tell my phone is working as it did before I took it apart but I the sound quality on calls in much better. For me this is a minor miracle. now lets see if I can solve my other problem - I’ll post a new topic for that…

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