RF connector next to SIM1 slot

So I took the back off my new Fairphone, as it encourages you to do, and I noticed a little connector just to the left of the SIM1 slot, below the top left fixing screw and ground pin. It looks a bit like a female version of the UFL connectors that you find on MiniPCI WiFi/Bluetooth/etc cards.

What does it do?

It’s the antenna cable connector.

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what is the possible use of this connector? external antenna for gsm?

To me this looks like an RF testing connector, that would be used during final assembly verification probably to inject a calibrated GSM signal in the receiver. Maybe one can use it as an external antenna plug too, but visibly it’s not fully intended for this, because there is no way to connect something without removing the back cover.
Also, if indeed it’s a testing plug, maybe there is a ‘resistance’ between it and the receiver (to just protect the receiver afterwards -on the test bench you always can increase the input signal accordingly).
If this is the case adding just an antenna there would be useless (one would need an amplifier too, with a setup that I don’t know)

That remains an interesting idea for the next Fairphone design anyhow, and this would apply to both the GSM and for instance wifi signals…

Maybe you can get also some more details in the repair guides from iFixit about the Fairphone, which you can finde here.

It would be very helpful to have a phone with external antenna connector, especially by using it in a car. Only some samsung have an RF connector but not documented.
unfortunately on iFixit no mention of this connector