Returning my new fairphone 2


Can anyone here help me on how I can return my fairphone?
On the support page I find that you have to contact the support team, wich I did, 3 times in the last 3 weeks, but I get no respond.
Does anybody know how to return? Or how to get a respond? (I rather not contact them by phone, because that is an expensive international call for me)


First, why do you want to return your phone?
If you have problems, maybe people on the Forum can solve them, if you just don’t like the phone anymore, of course, feel free to send it back.

Second, if you live in the European Union, which I assume, data roaming (and calls too, but this is just an educated guess) is free inside the EU, so you can probably call them for free.

But to get back to my first question, why do you want to return your FP2?

I don’t like the phone, it shuts off randomly (while I juse it, but also when just lying on the table) and the battery does not last a day with normal use (no calls, no watching videos…). The site states I can send I can return it within 14 days of arival, without an explanation, but the problem is: where and how do I return it? I don’t want to wait more weeks …

Calls and roaming are ‘free’ (they are not free, but the same price als in your own country) in the EU, but only for numbers from your own country, so a dutch number is an expensive international call

I used Skype to call them once. I bought some credit there and use it from time to time to do some international calls. Rates are rather low. You are right that with the EU roaming rules nothing has changed for calling into other countries if you aren’t in that particular country at the moment or if your SIM card is not from that country. Nevertheless calling EU numbers has become much cheaper in the past few years, around 9c per minute is a normal price nowadays. So calling them for 10 minutes would not even cost you one Euro - while we are talking about a phone of more than 500€ - I wouldn’t be too stingy here.

I would advise you to just wait for a response.
Contacting support again will only burden them with more work, I’m afraid it will not help you to get a response sooner.

The 2-week period is valid if you contacted them with your demand during this time. So don’t worry.


I support the company and what they try to do, but they are still a webshop and make profit, so I think they should be able to help customers online in a reasonable amount of time. I have a plan that it focused on data, so I pay 40 cents per minute to call nationaly, so international is even more expensive, I am a student and saved up to buy that phone, so I rather not spend more money on . So I prefer online, unless there is no other option

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