Returning item under warranty

What is the correct process for returning a defective phone for repair which is less than 6 months old?

The first step is to contact Support:

Done #107487. Did yesterday morning, still awaiting a acknowledgement that it has been seen.

One of the key points of customer service IHMO is to acknowledge the customer. Even is that is just that you are busy right and not able to fully respond. Otherwise the customer is just left wondering if their request has ended up in a black hole somewhere. Hence my posting in the forum.

Currently on day two of waiting for a reply to my request. Still no explanation as to why not even an automated response. So hopefully l will update this tread so others will know how long it takes to respond to a request.

We all already know that it takes a long time (weeks) as support is overwhelmed and understaffed, but afaik you should have gotten an automatic response - if you didn’t maybe something went wrong.
Meanwhile you could tell us what is wrong with your phone in case there might be an easy fix for your problem. At the least we could tell you some diagnostic steps you could try (probably disassembly, hard reset, … ), so you could mention them in your request to speed up the process.

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Thanks for the reply it is appreciated. So far no automated response :frowning:

All the details are in the submitted request. From what l can see the screen has stopped working. In that the indicator lights are working as expected. The phone appears to boot the most visible indicator is the screen. The day after the issue appeared the alarm when off the only way to stop it was to take the battery out. As l could not use the screen to dismiss the alarm.

It looks like my only choice at the moment is to purchase another screen. Which it a huge positive in that l can replace the screen myself. Hopefully not voiding the warranty, yes l will need to check the small print, otherwise that will be another forum posting (for a starters).

Maybe l have mis-understood the nature of the company l am dealing with. They are much smaller than l have given credit for. Hopefully this is a minor issue which will be resolved soon. It does make me wonder if l should recommend a FairPhone to other people. I would love this concept/product to be used by many more people, the though customer service is now a serious concern IMO.

I don’t fully understand: When you say the screen has stoppen working do you mean it is black or it doesn’t react to input?

The screen is completely black, when take out the battery, put it back in and reboot the phone, the splash screen does not display. The only feedback is the phone briefly vibrates after l hold down the power button to start the phone. When l attach the phone to the charger the indicator light shows green. Also after starting the l can see the indicator light changing to show new emails / tweets have arrived. Which leads me to the conclusion that screen has ceased to function. There are no tests l can think of to check if the connection to the screen is not working. Also l would be more than a little disappointed if the main unit is faulty given the phone is less than 6 months old.

It might be a stupid question, but did you already try to take off the screen and put it back on again? You probably already did, but if not, there’s a tiny chance it might help if something is hampering the phone-screen connection.

Just take out the battery, slide the blue clips to the middle, carefully slide the screen off and put it back again. It won’t screw with your warranty.

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You could always try to remove the screen and put it back. If it is a bad connection between the modules, this could fix the problem.
Look at this topic for more information on how to remove the screen: How do I replace a module/the screen?
If it is the first time you remove the screen, it can be very hard. Don’t be too afraid, the phone can handle some pressure! Some people only got the screen off using little tricks like using a plectrum or banc card.

Good luck!

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Thanks @danielsjohan and @Loesje it was one of my first thoughts to remove the screen and put it back in again :slight_smile:. At risk of repeating myself that design aspect was one of major reasons for buying a Fairphone 2. What l will do tonight when l get back home is to remove the screen and inspect the contacts to see if l can see anything that might cause an issue. As l have to admit l have given it a through inspection.

Figured you already thought of that. Good luck tonight!

Now I’m not saying everyone is such an idiot as I am, but much to my surprise, the second time I tried, it was almost impossible to remove the screen - whereas it slid off smoothly before.

It was only after I used an awful lot of force that I realized I’d forgotten to take out the battery this time. Turns out it has this tiny ridge blocking the screen. And yes, I know the battery says you have to remove it before disassembly. I actually did the first time I tried!

That being said, even when you do it the proper way, many people have trouble removing the screen as danielsjohan mentioned - the topic he links to is very helpful.

But just - don’t forget about the battery. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, your experience was identical to mine :grin: I was more than a little nervous the first time l did remove the screen good to hear its not just me!

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