Returning Fairphone absolutely no support whatsoever

I have been trying to return a Fairphone 4 for a number of weeks now. I have sent email after email all have been ignored. I got through on the number last week and spoke to someone who said they have activated the cool off period and would send out the documents to do this. These have not been received and I have had no reposnert what should I do ?

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I guess you just have to wait. Reading other reports about trying to return a Fairphone it can take some weeks.


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If you have had a response then just wait, it can take some time, even a month or two.

Support is awful

I cannot believe that users are accepting of a support response of days let alone ‘even a month or two’

If Fairphone cannot support its products it should not be marketing to new users until they can support existing customers

Hi Do you have a similar problem as the OP

Whereas I understand your sentiment, of disappointment, I wouldn’t suggest Fairphone should or should not do something. It’s a consumer market and people who buy the Fairphone would hopefully research the company and see it is a small company, and as noted here, a bit overwhelmed with the support required.

However if they don’t continue to sell and bring in more cash they will not be able to provide any support at ll.

I hope that those who invest in the Fairphone are prepared to support the initiates of Fair trade at the expense of some of their own acquired comforts and sadly this is not just financial.

Hi amoun

I have a different fault on my phone but have experienced a similar poor response.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Poor customer service is not going to build sales or cash in the business. I wish to support Fairphone but if a company or its product get a reputation for unreliability then it will quickly fail.

It is not unreasonable to expect Fairphone to manage customer expectations and provide a likely response time.

Instead they send an automated message with inaccurate information: phone number that does not work, and an email address that does not respond.

I support what Fairphone are trying to do which is why I bought a phone but the support system is less than what it should be. Those of us, like you and me who have made a conscious decision to support Fairphone and its ‘mission’ can become evangalists for the business but we have to be looked after.

I have no control over the level of support Fairphone offers, and it would appear to have made a choice to deprioritise support for existing customers who have already spent their money. If we are expected to put up with it as Fairphone chases new business then that won’t work. More customers will mean more support issues which will mean longer response times.

Ultimately, taking existing customers for granted is not going to attract new customers.

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Yes I agree but am just a bit tolerant/cpmplacent, probably as I have no major issues.

However on your general note of expansion, I would not recomend the phone to anyone, and in fact only got on board as one of my daughters wanted one. I was so worried I bought two one so I could keep track on any issues.

Sure there was some unpleasant support response and my daughter gave up after 8 months due to some mapping app she was using whilst driving.

However despite her dropping her’s down the toilet I now have two functioning phones which as far as I can see should last for many years to come, so I’m happy I took the plunge.

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