Return to Fairphone OS on FP3 from /e/

I’ve done a few keyword searches but can’t seem to find a topic that deals with this.

Sadly the restrictions with the /e/ OS variant have proven too limiting for me and my usage needs.

I initially flashed /e/ from the Android variant but would be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of a guide to reverse the process.

Many thanks in advance

(Edited the topic title a bit to make it clearer because /e/ is Android, too.)


I’m retreating from /e/ too. With some regret, but also relief. Attempts to sync essential work stuff (with my work place’s bind up with all things google) without signing in the phone to a google account failed, meaning I can’t keep my phone sufficiently google free to justify the extra work that comes with rejecting the phenomenal convenience google gives us in exchange for all the data it harvests from us…
This was a new preloaded /e/ FP3. Luckily my daughter has a nearly new FP OS FP3 and is more ready to walk the harder walk, and more able to be independent of google, so just swapping phones (otherwise I’d probably live on with a google compromised /e/ phone).

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I can totally understand.

There are a few forum posts about removing a lot of google services and apps completely from the phone as a compromise. This won’t interfere with the core operating of the OS but will give you some peace of mind.

I use my own NextCloud hosting services etc, it was more around some financial and other core usage cases that even microg couldn’t gel with which made me have to take the step backwards.

I hope you find a happy medium moving forward.

Thanks UDTI21.
I’ve done what I can to minimise the google. Losing the google search bar and insteady using Firefox focus with Duckduckgo as the default search option, having social media only as firefox focus browser shortcuts (with the hassle of logging in each time a useful bit of resistance to idle checking) and using the hard lessons learned about the appalling privacy ratings of some key apps thanks to /e/ app store, I’m substantially less available for data harvesting than I was before the experiment.