Return address for fp, shipping lithium batteries internationally

hi, international user here (NZ) tried buying a new battery since having issues with my second hand one, however the shipping service I was using won’t send lithium batteries overseas? so I need the returns address for fairphone, or a method of sending this item internationally.

could anyone help, either way?


Try Borderlinx as a parcel relay service. They give exact information about Li-Ion battery delivery and will assign you an address in Germany or England and send the parcel to your address in New Zealand. The delivery may cost slightly more than the price of the item, but New Zealand is not exactly Europe as well.

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thanks for the response, I’ll try that next time, however the issue is my battery is already at a mail service who are refusing to ship it due to the regulations around lithium batteries in the mail.

could anyone provide the return address for fairphone?


Fairphone can. Contact them at

already have, waiting on response, been a week+

Then give them a call. You can find the number here: #contactsupport.

sorry I’m outside of the eu.

would anyone know the address by chance?

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