Restriction of use?

Hi everybody,
I live in France and work in Switzerland.
I just bought a FP5 in Switzerland because I had several discount vouchers with my company.
Before open, I saw on the side of the box “Restriction of Use” and I can read “Fr” which means France.
Do you know if my phone works with a French phone operator ?
I asked to my seller and he answered to ask Fairphone France.
What kind of restrictions can I have ?
Are any of you in the same situation?
Thank you for yours answer.

Welcome to the Fairphoen community.

Can you show us a picture of this ‘Restriction of use’ message? At the moment I don’t know what restriction that could be.

Here’s the same note on an FP5 Fairphone has loaned to me:

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Isnt that just a list of all offifially supported countries?

@Jeanphi74 Overall yes in general it works in France, please read a bit in the forum where you should find sime infromation from other users in france. If you have doubts about a specific carrier you might want to name it.

Just speculating: Perhaps this is a note meant for sellers rather than buyers. My package here (above) includes the little “Getting Started” brochure with information in English (only) and the “Health and Safety” brochure in 17 languages. “Restriction of Use” might be more about where this package should be offered by dealers rather than really limiting usage for buyers.

@Jeanphi74 Does your package include the “Getting Started” brochure in French instead?


Yes it’s the same picture.
You’re probably right about your assumptions.
I have probably the little “Getting Started” brochure but I don’t open it yet.
I want sure before to do that.
Thank you for yours answers and your rapidity.