Restore Backup made with an old TWRP-Version

yes thats it like before

If you get into Fastboot mode with both buttons, you most probably have a hardware problem.
Could be a mechanical problem with the volume button (did you try without the case?), or it is time for #fairphoneangels or #contactsupport .

yes the sd card is out and the case is of.
but i have the new camera inside.

but before i had these problems i got into TWRP without prblems

Ok, since the phone can boot and run without a camera, you could remove the camera and the top module, too.
If that let’s you get into TWRP, then you would have discovered a new phenomenon, I think.

so the xcamera is out.

but im not getting into TWRP
i always stuck in the start screen.

ok top modul also out still no TWRP

Not quite … you are in Fastboot mode, which is a legit mode to boot the phone into, and which just looks like the start screen.

But normally you only should be able to get into Fastboot mode with Volume - pressed at start or reboot (or by rebooting into bootloader with adb or fastboot).

Since you also get into Fastboot mode with Volume + pressed, my guess is hardware trouble, but I’m guessing from afar.
You could see whether #fairphoneangels in your vicinity could have a look at it … or you could #contactsupport .

If there’s some other option here, then I don’t see it, sorry.
Perhaps somebody else has an idea? …

Ok, one last thing … Try “fastboot erase recovery” before flashing TWRP again and trying to get into it afterwards. But I’m done now :slight_smile: .

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oh man
thank you very much for your time!

I will see how to get the phone running :smiley:
Or to do a hard reset.


erasing ‘recovery’…
OKAY [ 0.029s]
finished. total time: 0.030s

that comes but the phone does nothing

Yes. Now the recovery partition is clear from whatever was in it.
You can flash TWRP now again to recovery and try to get into it.

o fucking shit it works im in TWRP
o my good

but i’m not shure if i should try the recover cause last time it did not work
mabe i try it tomorrow its late now

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