Restore app settings from file system?

Before I did the storage update, I saved all data from the data-partition to my computer.
I thought that the app Backup&Restore saved my app settings, but it doesn’t seems so.
No I tried to restore my app settings from the domain-name-Folders in Android/data/ for example com.fsck.k9 but this also doesn’t work.

Anyone a hint to import K9 Mail-Seetings? Unfortunatly I didn’t used the internal export function :frowning:

I believe you are talking about the directory, which is exposed to the computer (actually /storage/emulated/0/Android/data). Unfortunately the complete app data usually lies in /data/data, which can only be seen using a root explorer app, or (on your computer) adb.

It seems that your K-9 settings are lost and cannot be restored.