Restarted and everything saved is missing

Today my FP2 opened several windows while in pocket and then restarted. After that it behaved like it was brand new, that is I had to log in and create new accounts. No sign of my old apps, photos or contacts. What to do?

What you describe sounds like the “factory reset”, which deletes every user-related data and Apps and only leaves the pure OS and the recovery as is.

Or did perhaps a new user get created (I’ve never seen that in action, so I don’t know how the first steps of a newly created user would look like)?

I don’t want to speculate on how low the probability of either would be to get done by random input in a pocket. Somebody else better comes up with a more logical idea what happened, hopefully …

If factory reset: Restore your most current backup.
In case you have no backup, I guess you will start to backup your data regularly from now on, sorry.

If new user: Change the user … Swipe down from the top and tap on the user icon to see whether there are several users.
And … backup :wink: .


Thank you! How do I restore my backup?

Depends. Which App did you use to create the backup?

Ok, thank you!

I am not sure about that, don´t Think I had chosen an app, but that my pictures were copied somewhere somehow? My photos are my biggest concern.

How about syncing to Google, did you perhaps set this up? …

Perhaps you can have a look into your account data and check what’s there …

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Thank you for your help! I now found my photos via google!

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