Restart zonder reden

Sinds kort herstart mijn fairphone automatisch, terwijl ik dat niet wil. Heeft iemand enig idee hoe dat zou kunnen komen?

Do you have some more details on when and how your phone automatically restarts? Does it give certain message, does it do it after a certain action? This might help in other users figuring out what your issue is!

It happens most of the time after a click on the screen that appears when you swipe from the top of the screen, but it happens sometimes also when just starting an app. It depends not from some certain apps, I think: it happens wiht different programs. What happens is that it restart, but i dont have to fill in the code that i have to fill in when I restart the I phone, but i see the same blue fairphonescreen when I restart.
I hope this is the right information to help me!

Hi Rick,

My Fairphone restarted on different occasions but this stopped when I disabled the mood background (the colours indicating batterylevel) in the settings. This issue should have been fixed with an update a while ago, but if you use the mood background you could give it a try and see if it helps.


I got the same problem
I’m not using the mood background. The phone doesn’t restart from scratch, it seems only the “desktop” (is it called window manager?!?) is restarting (much faster, I don’t have to unlock my simcard.

It happens quiet often, 1-3 times a day. I can’t reproduce it really, but I think it happens mostly after unlocking the screen.

Thnx Remco for your answer. Unfortunately, I’ve disabled the mood background, but that doesn’t solve the problem…

Maybe it is an application that is causing the problems (even though it seems to crash at random moments it could be running in the background). When I had the frequent reboots I tried to check the logs (using, but this did not give any clues then. In your case this could help isolate an applicationname or such before the crashes maybe.

You are on the last (Fairphone 1.3 Chestnut) software?


What version of Fairphone OS do you have running at the moment?

You can check this by following these instructions :

I was running 1.1, but I’m now updating to 1.3…
I hope that will solve the problems with my fairphone…

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Excellent news @RickS, v1.1 did have some random restart bugs in it so you should hopefully be fine once updated. I’ll leave this thread open for a few days in case you continue to have issues.

I have the same issue. If I disable all the security, meaning no unlock mechanism needed. The issue doesn’t pops up.
This issue is in there since I start using the fair phone (meaning version 1.1 and 1.3 of the fairphone os.)
The reboot is very annoying when somebody calls you and the system reboots. You can’t see who called you even.

As I can live without the unlock mechanism this is a workable solution for me.

Since i updated my phone to 1.3 it happens less frequently, but it still happens a couple of time per day. Dos anyone have more ideas how to solve this problem?

Hi @RickS - although I don’t know whether it will fix this, it may be worth updating to v1.6 as this was released today.

Also, if you move to the new unified storage partition (i.e. getting rid of the 1GB ceiling in place right now) it will reset all data - so if you are doing that it’s worth starting from scratch perhaps?


The update to 1.6 made i just worse than de last update.
What is the new unified storage partition?

This article tells you about the partition update. It basically creates one partition on the phone memory rather than having the existing 2 (phone storage and internal storage).


Did you do the partition update and how are things working out for you?


Last weekend I did the partition update and it seems to work!
Thank you very much for the help!

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