Response time for RMA

My FP arrived pretty much defective/unusable.
I am trying to get an RMA.
Does it really take several days to a response?

I got a RMA after one (working)-day. But the repair longs more than 4 weeks :frowning:

@console, The Fairphone team have been quite busy with the shipments of new phones which may have resulted in delays responding to support requests. If you don’t get a response after a few more days (not sure exactly how long you have been waiting), try contacting support again or if possible for you to do so, giving them a call.

Last friday I opened a ticket and again tuesday.
No response yet appart from the automated response.
I will try again.

I wouldn’t recommend sending another one through maybe @anon12454812 can get us an update on how long it is likely to be before you get a response.