[RESOLVED] First use : phone restart again and again and again

Hello community !

I’ve just received my fairphone and I have a problem : I have put the sim and the micro sd card in the phone, put it on charge, and started it.
I have the screen “Start a movement”, and then the lock screen… But it go back to the “start a movement screen” before going back to the lock screen, and so on, undefinitly… It stays a few seconds on the lock screen, but I have time to unlock it and see two message :
“Unfortunatly, settings has stopped” and
" The process android.core has stoppped"…

It is the first time I start the phone, and It stucked on these two screens…

Anyone does have any idea of what to do to fix this problem ?

Thanks everybody ! :slight_smile:

I have performed a hard reboot like explained here and the phone work now ! :slight_smile:

Happy fairphoning to all of you !! :slight_smile:


Glad you sorted.

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