Resizing screen

just getting used to FP5 and of course the phone is bigger than my old one;-)
I did try using the one-hand mode but that only partially fixes the issue for me as my hand is smaller than the width of the screen:D

I did check the forum but I mainly found the discussion on this mode.
I have also seen some apps that have been recommended, namely quick cursor thing but I find it very overwhelming and still not applicable

On one of my previous phones, the option to resize the screen was present, you could swipe the screen and it got smaller, not only in top-down, but also left-right axis.

Is there anything similar you could recommend?

The only resizing option I’m aware of is the one allowing you to increase the size of all symbols (aka zoom the whole content as if the screen was smaller). The one-hand-mode is top-down only afaik. Maybe replacing Quickstep (Fairphone’s default launcher) by a different launcher could provide the functionality you’re looking for.

Maybe an app like Quick cursor could help you.

Many thanks.
If I did know a particular app that works with a specific launcher, I might explore alternative launchers, but I have never done it before so I don’t want to just explore randomly.

I did try quick cursor @Alain_Guillet but found it overwhelming and not really suiting my needs. Perhaps will try again.

Thanks again for your input:)

There are two versions : normal and pro. I don’t use it but the non-free pro version allows for a floating tracker mode. I had something like this a long time ago on a Meizu phone (natively) and it was great since I only needed to touch the cursor in order to reach any point on the screen.

All these apps require too many rights so I prefer not to use them and would be very happy it becomes a part of AOSP.

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Hi, I’m the developer of Quick Cursor. Just wanted to say thanks for recommending my app and also want to join the conversation about the rights.

I would also love to have a good one hand mode directly into the AOSP because it would be the best integration possible. Quick Cursor uses a lot of hacks to achieve the current integration, and it is not perfect. It still has some issues that can’t be resolved and needs a lot of permissions.

I just wanted to add that Quick Cursor doesn’t have network permission for this exact reason. You can block the internet access from the system just to be sure, the app will work just fine. Or you can check the network usage of the app, it will always be 0.

@Meaghan I understand that Quick Cursor is not suitable for you, I’m sorry for that, and sorry that I don’t any other idea to contribute to the thread.



Thank so much for ‘dropping in’ here so to speak, that is really comforting and shows the power and the potential of the community.


@Meaghan i too sugest Quick Cursor, must say when i first install it, i too wasn’t very excited, but after some day try it again, check all items in settings, change size, position, etc… and in the end i am very satisfied and use it always when need control any app in one-hand :wink:

also need mentioned, as primary web browser i use OH Web Browser (OH in name mean OneHand :wink: is perfect for one hand use, have simple bottom toolbar where all icons have multiple function and big feature is, with pull down is not refreshed page, but moved down window contents

@micku7zu i’m long time (3years) Quick Cursor Pro happy user :wink: before FP5 used on Motorola Moto G Pro (similar size as FP5), many thanks for it :wink:


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