Resetting FP2 WiFi

Hi everyone. Since I installed a new wifi modem my FP2 will no longer connect to the home WiFi. It does connect to other home Wifi. Resetting (incl. factory settings) the phone is also no longer working (keeps going around in circles). Normal remedies such as removing battery and sim dont work either. Time for a new phone or is there a fix?

Did you try doing the dic:factorydatareset from the recovery mode, as if your phone wasn’t starting anymore?
Did you try reinstalling FPOS from scratch?


Thanks! Will give it a go!

Hi, does your FP2 run Android 9 already? There is a known issue with Speedport routers and Android 9 devices that do not connect, it should be solved with the latest Speedport firmware.


Thanks for your help! It worked!


Aw. shame I dint see that until now. Thanks for your help though.

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