Reset and downgrade

Hi, I had quite some issues after the upgrade like many others, and I just want to know:

  • what does a reset do to your phone?
  • how can I downgrade to 1.6 again?


  1. A hard reset erases ALL of your data. A soft reset does not, only system files are overwritten (FP OS or Google Apps e.g.)
  2. A downgrade is as far as I know a soft reset and thus should not erase any personal data. A backup is always recommended. Here is how to install OS version 1.6 manually.

I’d like to hear another opinion on this though. Can you, @Chris_R, confirm the above?

Thanks for the answer! In the meantime I found your link (sometimes I’m a bit lost on the forum), but that does scare me a big deal. I’d rather go with the flaws and wait for a better 1.8 in the meantime :smile:

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Hi Maryamu,

I did a downgrade to 1.6 and it worked fine except an error message I kept getting. I described problem and solution here:

There’s also a tutorial for that problem:

After fixing this issue, everything works fine. I only lost my start screens, but I wanted to clean them up anyway and now I did :wink:

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Hi Seran, thanks for the answer! Can you explain what you did to downgrade? I wouldn’t even know where to start. Cheers!