[RESERVED] Fairphone incl. new version 2 camera and white slim cover

I am offering a Fairphone 2 as I got a temporary phone during the time my phone’s display was acting up. Since the replacement phone has the ideal form factor for how I use it, I am selling the fairphone 2 instead of the temporary phone.

Fairphone type/part offered
Complete Fairphone 2 phone offered. It has latest FPOS installed.

Notes on the components:

  • The display has just been replaced under warranty, even the plastic is still on the screen so it is entirely scratchless.
  • The new v2 camera is installed and working.
  • White slim cover included (with some signs of wear) in addition to a original black matte cover.

It is a refurbished FP2 received last year under warranty of a new Fairphone 2 that had a lot of random reboots. The phone is less than a year in my possession and hence still is under warranty [edit: This was incorrect, the warranty is for the original phone. Thanks @urs_lesse]. I will include the receipts necessary.
It does not include the original FP2 box.

Your approximate location
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sale info
Asking price: €400
The price is excluding shipping within the Netherlands (€8,15). For international I will raise the price it with the amount it costs extra to ship.

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The warranty expires when the originally purchased Fairphone’s warranty expires. A warranty replacement does not come with a renewed full two year warranty, just the remaining warranty on the original purchase.


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