Research Project at IE University

I can see this is a bit harsh but maybe I could sumarise the responses you have received

It has been mentioned

  • You are a closeted enquirer
  • All you have asked has been posted in various threads and posts
  • So it seems you are unwilling to get your hands dirty and spend your time getting to grips with the garden that is this forum and want others to weed and present all the titbits on a plate.

So still you ask to be served ?

However you are not the first, the only or the last to ask before making a full or reasonable search of the forum :slight_smile:


= bad cellular coverage? :rofl:

Ok, to be constructive:
Honestly best practice would be using earphones and always store it with some distance in like an extra bag. Or use a smartwatch, as this increases distance of emitter to genitalia/torso and allows storage of emitters at ~30cm distance.

Fairphone 4 Specifications

  • Max SAR head (W/kg (10g)) = 0.494 W/Kg
  • Max SAR body (W/kg (10g)) = 0.993 W/Kg
  • Max SAR limb (W/kg (10g)) = 2.916W/Kg

Iphone 13

Model A2643, A2644, A2645

2.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
Head: 0.99
Body: 0.98

I wouldn’t jump too high here.

Dear Amoun,
I see the critique I am receiving as constructive feedback. I have already done a lot of research on the forum and discovered a lot. The purpose behind opening my own discussion was to gather even more responses and learn on a first hand base. This Project was about conducting your own research, no desk research by reading about what others said, but by asking the questions yourself and get into contact with the people who responded. I do not ask to be served. Everybody has their own choice to decide to read what is in this discussion and respond on their free will. I am simply recording what people respond but more importantly how people respond, since that also gives me good insight on the different characteristics on this forum.
Thank you for your help and honesty.

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Thank you for your honesty in your response. My research team solely asked a simple question that every individual can chose to answer or not. Not only are we interested in what answers you give us to our question but also in what way. Perhaps this is not the most professional approach our team is taking, but we are learning and we are interested to see how differently people are reacting to our posts.

Yeah, sure, forget it. I can make fun of myself. Your project takes better and better turns…
I’m going to get some beer and chips and enjoy the further course… Better than cinema :rofl:

After Volker indicated to have talked to you I was a bit more optimitistic that its real reliable research, however reading such a statement makes me angry especially as previous posts of your team where trying to get information with lies (13 year old son/first Smartphone…). So sorry guys but I also need to say, whatever you are doing is really nothing I would want to support as long as you keep on hiding information or by providing really strange and unprofessionell bits and pieces only. So whoever your Prof is should do a better job in teaching you some techniques before sending you out to bother people.


Joining :smiley:

Some universities have phishing mail awareness campaigns. They mainly send pseudo spam mail with html encoded links which are like typical phishing attempts. But instead of stealing data there is a small slap on the bum to be more careful next time :wink:

Are the forum rules strict enough to disallow such pseudo useful attempts?

A good friend of mine has a doctorate in ethnology (not the same thing, I know) and I’m pretty sure one of the first things they learned was how to conduct themselves during interviews / research. And that was an important part of the curriculum before they ever worked with real people.

I have to agree with @yvmuell there, that’s way out of line, we aren’t your subjects you can use to try open ended…


You don’t say :man_facepalming:

Please take an ethics course first next time.

Interesting point, could you elaborate? :thinking:
Crucially I didn’t find any information about ethnography / ethnology on the site of their supposed university

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It’s done in a rather professional environment. However as they are sending it on university intern mail AND are sending it with typical university information, I don’t think they allow for an opt-out. Which is rather painly, cause users who have fallen for that trap receive more mail afterwards to research a change in behavior :rofl: Sloppy example: "Get more information on the transportation rules, which now allow you to grab your bike on the bus "

The underlying link then is encoded to identify the mail it was sent within.

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Following up on @hirnsushi and others, IF you would be studying Ethnography, then surely something like Ethics would be part of the curriculum. Not being able to provide contact details of a supervisor (e.g. in DM to potential respondents) would be out of the question. So you deleted the message stating just that …
Not to mention the poor methodology, or absence thereof, and misguiding the forum.

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Vous devriez envoyer un questionnaire via les adresses mail clients Fairphone
Pour répondre à votre question, la motivation première est le démontage permettant de faire évoluer le téléphone, et déjà tout simplement changer la batterie facilement.
J’ai offert ce FP4 à mon épouse, et s’il me satisfait en termes de performances, j’en prendrai un également pour moi.