Research Project at IE University

However. I would expect more seriousness from a university project.
The performance as it takes place here is bumbling and does not inspire confidence.
Even the persistence doesn’t change that. :wink:


Via this forum would be great.

Thank you very much for your feedback. It is very helpful for my future work here at university and when I come to pursue a professional career. I thank you for your honest and straight forward reply, since I am looking to improve my research work and learn from my mistakes. With this research project my group and I are not only learning by asking questions, but also learning how to conduct these interviews correctly and how to lead such a project in a efficient manner.


@FranzB I highly recommend you read some literature about doing questionnaires (especially with focus on online questionnaires). There should be scientific hints how to ask questions. Please come back with your questions after that.


As was said before, maybe start by introducing yourself, tell us what course you are in, what is the scope of your research, who is your supervisor.
If you want to know something about us, we need to know something about you first. I’ve never studied any “social” sciences, but that should be common sense in my opinion.

It is, especially if this is done in a kind of sneaky way, liking each others posts, opening multiple topics and not being upfront about your goals.
And then there are similar cases like this, where people answered questions and there seemingly never was any follow up afterwards.

So what is it, are you students or do you want to build a community? :thinking: If it’s the latter, why don’t you join something like the #fairphoneangels?!

This makes it sound like you have something to do with Fairphone the company and I’d be really surprised if you did… :roll_eyes:


Hello @FranzB ,
Thanks for joining the FP meetup Munich today!
As mentioned in the meeting today I’d recommend to see the reactions you got on your questions as a community feedback to improve the way to do such a research in the future.
Regarding your main question I’d recommend you to read the following topic:

I’m sure it will still add some answers in addition to what we’ve discussed today in the meetup.


I am very glad to learn that this is finally coming to a productive resolution. Thank you so much for you part in the latter @Volker :+1:

P.S.: @FranzB, if @Edoardo is still planning to participate in the 10 April Aachen video call, please note that this will be held in German.


Thank you for your reference, I will look into it.

Thank you for your very detailed feedback. We are students that aim to improve the Fairphone user experience and figure out how to expand the already existing fair phone community.

Dear Volker,
First of all, Thank you for todays meet-up in Munich and answering all my questions. It was extremely useful for this Project. Thank you also for your feedback and how we best proceed from here. Thank you as well for your recommendation of the already existing topic of “Be Honest! Why did you buy a Fairphone?”. I believe this will be a great resource.

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Thank you urs_lesse for letting us know that the Video Call is in German. My mother tongue is German, so for me it won’t be a problem. I will check my schedule this coming week and hope to still make it. Unfortunately our project submission is before the video call, but I am interested to still learn more.

Thank you. I can understand that the way in which this research project has not sparked enough confidence amongst the readers. It was my way to learn how to proceed in my research projects in the future.

You can’t tell us the field you are studying? That makes no sense to me.
Yes, it’s a private university, private as in “not owned by the state” but owned by a corporation. That’s not the same private as in privacy :roll_eyes:

I’m sure your supervisors / professors have published papers before (would be strange if they haven’t), so why wouldn’t you be able to tell us who’s responsible for your research? :thinking:


Dear Hirnushi,
We are studying Ethnography, inn which students apply the learned theoretical material in actual group research projects.
Objectives of this Course are:

  • To acquire basic notions of the “grounded theory” process of problem solving
  • To understand the responsibility of design practices
  • To understand the necessity of design research as well as designing the research phase

Skills developed during this course are

  • Development of a critical standpoint in the design practice
  • The use of basic design-research methods
  • Improving the empathy between designer and end-userImprovement of critical thought.

I’m wondering: How much time did you actually spend browsing the forum? If you skip the posts that clearly discuss technical issues, then you’re left with a lot of discussions about reasons why people chose Fairphone and what they expect from it. This includes privacy questions as well as ethical concerns and more. A lot of your questions should already be answered by those.

You seem to have deleted your statement about the private university. But it does not inspire confidence in me that you’re so secretive about it and yourself as @hirnsushi already pointed out. If you’re not willing to be a little transparent about yourselves, then please don’t expect straight answers from this community. In that case you’ll just have to work with all the public posts already discussing what you wanted to know anyway.


Anyone who voluntarily discloses their data with all this dubious information has only themselves to blame. I can not say more about it.
Either the thread creator is really so inexperienced, ignorant and naive or it does not go here with right things to…
At least following the thread is more than interesting and informative.

There are many reasons to buy a fairphone, especially repairable, sustainable, limited radiation levels, on the other hand, Xiaomi Oppo does not make quality smartphones. Worst iPhone, Samsung is a brand but they don’t make eco-friendly smartphones either. This is why I want to buy a fairphone.There are many reasons to buy a fairphone, especially repairable, sustainable, limited radiation levels, on the other hand, Xiaomi Oppo does not make quality smartphones. Worst iPhone, Samsung is a brand but they don’t make eco-friendly smartphones either. This is why I want to buy a fairphone.

I can see this is a bit harsh but maybe I could sumarise the responses you have received

It has been mentioned

  • You are a closeted enquirer
  • All you have asked has been posted in various threads and posts
  • So it seems you are unwilling to get your hands dirty and spend your time getting to grips with the garden that is this forum and want others to weed and present all the titbits on a plate.

So still you ask to be served ?

However you are not the first, the only or the last to ask before making a full or reasonable search of the forum :slight_smile:


= bad cellular coverage? :rofl:

Ok, to be constructive:
Honestly best practice would be using earphones and always store it with some distance in like an extra bag. Or use a smartwatch, as this increases distance of emitter to genitalia/torso and allows storage of emitters at ~30cm distance.

Fairphone 4 Specifications

  • Max SAR head (W/kg (10g)) = 0.494 W/Kg
  • Max SAR body (W/kg (10g)) = 0.993 W/Kg
  • Max SAR limb (W/kg (10g)) = 2.916W/Kg

Iphone 13

Model A2643, A2644, A2645

2.0 W/kg (over 10 g) SAR Limit
Head: 0.99
Body: 0.98

I wouldn’t jump too high here.

Dear Amoun,
I see the critique I am receiving as constructive feedback. I have already done a lot of research on the forum and discovered a lot. The purpose behind opening my own discussion was to gather even more responses and learn on a first hand base. This Project was about conducting your own research, no desk research by reading about what others said, but by asking the questions yourself and get into contact with the people who responded. I do not ask to be served. Everybody has their own choice to decide to read what is in this discussion and respond on their free will. I am simply recording what people respond but more importantly how people respond, since that also gives me good insight on the different characteristics on this forum.
Thank you for your help and honesty.

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