Request for new categories related to "third party" OS on FP

I am getting more and more interested in alternatives to the current Android based FP OS, Sailfish for example. I notice there are some threads in the forum, but how about creating individual categories for these OSs ? As a start there could be Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch and Cyanogen Mod.


Sounds like a good idea to me. Though in my opinion I guess one category for alternative OSs should be sufficient, since there aren’t many threads to each OS.


I think, that’s a good idea. The main reason for me suggesting at least one new category is to get over the scattered posts around this topic and to get them out of the “development” category that may scare people away who think its only about coding.

We could rename ‘Development’ to ‘Other OS’s’…
Would that help?

It’s definitely worth discussing. I agree that if at all we should only create one new category.

Well the posts in the #software:dev category are about compiling, porting and alpha/beta-testing an alternative OS. If a basic-user-friendly version is out then it’s currently standard to open a new topic in the #software category. (Like this)

But then where would posts about tweaking Open OS or developing Apps for FP OS go?


I would not want to sacrifice the “Development” category for this. A coding corner is needed and there are lots of posts currently in this category that would be OT under an “Other OS” category.


True… maybe we can do it this monday as we are opening the beta category anyway and restructuring posts.


Well if that decides it then there are just two more questions:

  • What would the name be? and
  • Would we move the alternative OS topics from #software:dev too or just the #software ones?

Oh well no, there are actually more questions:

In my opinion, a sub-category in “software” seems fitting, like “FP2 alternative OS”, on the level like development or FPOOS


The new category has been made!

Check it out here

Also let us know if we need to move existing topics to this new place.

I went for Alternative OS’s. I think alternatives used by people on the FP1 can also be discussed here.

If is is about making, leave them in dev. If it is about usage, move them.

I think #software:alternative-oss is for all FP’s. So I made it part of #software.

Maybe that is a good idea… but a nice border case indeed…


continues here: