🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Report: 1 month Android 11 / Erfahrungsbericht: 1 Monat Android 11

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Generally the updates are security and visual and I agree, in this upgrade there is no obvious benefit and some problems as you have highlighted, hopefully some of them will get fixed in the next update, at least the camera storage, which really isn’t such a big issue as not being able select a Wi-Fi band/

I won’t go on but yes it was more of a downgrading in experience :frowning:

In the benefits, there is a huge on permissions: Permissions updates in Android 11  |  Android Developers

I have none of the problems you described so I will ask my usual question : Did you do a factory reset after updating? It won’t solve the change of WiFi between 2,4 and 5 GHz but it could help for the rest.

Some people explained in another thread how to set two channels on your WiFi router in order to avoid the switch between 2,4 and 5 GHz. @amoun can help on this.

… and some additional regressions in Android11:

  • When you actually use two SIMs (e.g. SIM1 for phone+SMS and SIM2 for Internet) your selection is not kept through a reboot (i.e. after reboot SIM1 only does SMS, phone and Internet both on SIM2).
  • When connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, any layout settings for keyboards other than US are completely ignored.

As mentioned by @Alain_Guillet
The work around, if you can call it that.

a) at home set each bandwidth, 2.4 and 5 (GHz) with a separate SSID
The when you see the two of them under Network and Internet > Wi-Fi select each network in turn > settings > Advanced > Auto-connect > set the one you want to ON the other OFF
b) If you out and about it’s best to keep them both ON to see what is available then you can turn one Auto-connect off if you have the connection you want.

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If you dont have, use the SIM Pin for both cards


Thank you yvmuell!

Setting and enabling the same PIN for both SIMs seems to work around the issue. I had the PIN set but disabled on the second SIM. The drawback is that I now have to enter the PIN twice after a reboot but that is the lesser of two evils. TANSTAAFL.

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auto connect is per Wifi/SSID connection, correct? So when out (guess you mean not at home) the homenetwork is not available and therefore would be no need to change the settings for the homenetwork I would say? Or do I misunderstand something here?

do you have VoLTE enabled? Did you try to run it off to see if its more stable?

can you provide more details? Which player, music on-/or offline and what exactly switches off, the player itself or Bluetooth (if connected via bluetooth)?

what exactly happens? Which app etc? Google “Standortgenauigikeit” on or off? You can download the GPSTest app and do some testing.
siehe auch hier

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I’m not very good at making things clear, that at least is clear :slight_smile:

When at home a person may well have the ability to manage the SSIDs and separate the 2.4GHz band from the 5Ghz band so they can be identified and one can be selected as Auto-connect the other having to be manually selected.

When away from home there is rarely a chance that a user can get a the owner to separate SSIDs so the ‘work around’ is of little use, unless the owner of the router is amenable to such.

The default then is that the phone will search for the best signal on an ‘alien’ router, which may mean it has the horrible habit of switching between bands.

Prior to this A11 change I could still select 2.4GHz or 5GHz when out. The only problem I had, sometimes, was forgetting I had selected 5GHz and couldn’t pick up 24.GHZ. Now I have no such option issue :slight_smile: so
a) It is better when I am out in that I will pick up a signal without having to switch what I have set up but
b) As I said the band can switch and give me poor connections

My preference is the A10 option where I had full control even if I was a bit errant, rather that have less control and find myself at the whim of an auto-connect, which of course is no choice.

Thanks for questioning, I hope that’s clearer :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the reactions, answers and advices. Unfortunately I’m very busy. There is little time to read, to interpret and try out.

Many people spend time giving you possible solutions to some of your problems and now you say you don’t try anything.

I will say something a bit harsh but why did you waste your time creating this topic then ?

As I did not start this topic you may have meant to direct your response to @OleOle. Still I have found that there are instances where people are upset and want attention to their plight, even though it may be beyond their ability to resolve it, so the responses can be very useful as the problem is always the ‘human’ dissatisfaction with the environment we increasingly create, rather than the environment, i.e. emotional support.

I.E. climate change is not the problem, but creating it and ‘living’ with it are. So many complaints, and no solution where enough people can pull their finger out to stall it let alone resolve it, but many complain all the same.

Sorry… what I want to say is that I will try the advices. But it need time to do it and if it is helpfull or not.


Indeed I replied the wrong person. Is there a way to edit it ?

Will reply privately so as not to trash the topic :slight_smile:

I was a bit upset about the answer as well, however the OP did not ask a question, but wrote a report, so at the end “our fault” to take and spend time on this. Maybe in such cases we should just allow such topics to stand and focus on those who really ask for help.


The most recent update (Build 8901.4.A.0013.4) seems to have solved the “SIM assignment not remembered” issue - even without a PIN on the data SIM the assignment of functions to SIMs now persistst over reboots. :wink:


g) is resolved in build 8901.4.A.0013.4: camera storage selection now works and is persisted.
g) wurde mit der Version 8901.4.A.0013.4 behoben - der Speicherort für die Bilder kann jetzt geändert werden und bleibt dann auch erhalten :wink:


… and update 8901.4.A.0016.6 release-keys brings back the issue with the SIM assignments getting lost !!

May I say that this is really annoying?

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