Replacing the light/flash

I bought a new flash because mine stopped working- the phone is still warranted, but I live in Australia so the cost of sending it to the Netherlands via family in the UK by courier is prohibitive.

I discovered today, when I tried to do the repair that although fairphone sell the part, it isn’t user replaceable, as it is riveted (or something similar- smaller and less industrial) to a board, and also soldered.

So I’m not sure why the part is for sale, certainly not without telling you that. No wonder there’s not a description of how to do the job on ifixit (although a card sent with the item claimed there was).

It’s all deeply annoying, and I had to vent, and also warn anyone who was planning anything similar before they have unscrewed the motherboard.

Hi @matthew! It is unfortunate too hear this story. Really strange that Fairphone did not clarify the issues with repairing your flash. I did not know, that it was so complicated!

If nobody here on the forum knows a solution, you should probably get back to Fairphone Support and demand a solution.
I hope you can work this out!