Replacing screen on FP3

Smashed it this morning.

There is only one spare screen available on the site. I’m not certain which I have - FP3 or FP3+. Probably the later. I’m guessing the the spare screen available is the FP3+ one that fits both?

Cheers in advance

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Yes, the replacement screen for the FP3 is also compatible with the FP3+

Compatible with Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+


Have a look at Ifixit replacing display module for the correct way of replacing.


Rather than as suggested by ‘Lidwien’, i.e the iFixit method of removing the screen with a tool, you may like to consider the ‘official method’ proposed by Fairphone.

Step 6 of the iFixit guide uses a palstic tool to remove the screen, the FP guide instructs differently. There is a video guide on the FP site.

To separate the Display Module from the phone:

  1. Remove the 13 screws that hold the Display Module in place.
  2. Place your fingers on the right side of the frame, inside the battery compartment
  3. Push the display out of the frame
  4. You removed the Display Module.
  5. The other modules are now accessible.

??what are you referring to??

Apologies! I have corrected my post as it wasn’t your suggestion

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