Replacing glass on smashed screen

My FP3 was run over by a bus. Still works but screen glass is smashed. Touch screen part is fine. Is there any chance of replacing just the glass, or do I have to replace the whole display?

Unfortunately, there is no way around replacing the whole display module. It was a wish of Fairphone at the very beginning to replace just the glass in the display unit, but it quickly emerged it was not feasible.

EDIT: After some searching, I found what Fairphone’s first Community Manager said about this question six years ago. It might not directly address the “why”, but still I think it makes sense to link to it here because I or someone else might want to find it again in the future (and last but not least because the former employee’s username got anonymized in the meantime, making the statement harder to find):


I figured that might be the case but thought I should check. I guess to make it user serviceable there are limits.

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Although it may be an industry standard glue some people use a heat gun and do change the glass. However you have to find the exact size of glass from another source.

Meanwhile you could use clear nail varnish to fill the gaps in the glass, smooth it over and restrict water and dirt ingress.

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