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I have a 3+. Most of my previous phones broke because the power/sleep button failed. What module would I order to replace them on this device? Thank you.

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Unfortunately there is no easy fix for that. The power button is on the core module which is not available on the shop and is the single most expensive part of the FP3 and FP3+. It can only be replaced by Fairphone’s Repair Center in France.

Now I think there is the actual (internal) power button on the core module, but also the external power button on the outside of the phone – the latter is most likely part of the cheaper rear module.

I’m somewhat retracting my assumption. Based on the “geometry” of the phone (see iFixit’s teardown) I think there might be a good chance the rear module is the much more likely candidate for the power button replacement – but maybe others have a better insight.

I hope so. Failure of the power switch is one of the commonest problems along with the USB connection. I find it hard to believe that the Fairphone company would not take that into account. Completely against their basic philosophy of repair not replace.

Not sure for which brands you observed this. For the Fairphones it was no common issue so far and I would not think it will be one in the future.


I have read occasionally of power button failure on the FP1, less frequently on the FP2 and so far never on the FP3 nor the FP4.

If you want to act preemptively, you might want to look into apps that allow you to wake up the phone without the power button, e.g. this:

I cannot say though how much it impacts battery usage as the proximity sensor will probably be in use for much longer times than usually.


Thanks, that seems like good news. I don’t have problems at the moment, just preparing myself. I am totally dependent on my mobile for emergency medical services. Historically I have had this fault on HTC Explorer(my first smart phone), a Motorola (pre Lenovo) and more recently a Nokia.

I still have a FP2 (from one year after release), where the power button is still fine.
The only issues I have with it, are a broken backcover (doesn´t matter for me, since it´s stationary at home for WhatsApp) and the original battery is pretty much worn down. The micro USB port still works but you can see the material is weary.

My FP3 (from first release) doesn´t show any hardware problems at all. The only thing what happened is that the letters from “Fairphone” on the back cover get lost over time. But these are just stickers, so this can happen from carrying the phone in my pocket.

I´d suggest you to use the bumper for it. I believe the bumper distributes your pressing power on the power button a little (good thing for people with strong hands :smile: ), so I don´t worry much about this button getting damaged.

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